Interview with Douglas Richter from

Interview with Douglas Richter from


­­­­We are very happy to have you again on the AWSummit. Actually not only having you but we could convince you to be one of our hosts on the AW Awards. But a bit later about that. First, we know that you had some career changes recently. Can you fill us in, what direction you went into?

Yes, I am so excited you asked about this, recently I returned to the US after two wonderful years living and working in Budapest.  Hungry (pun intended) for more success in the lucrative Internet world I carefully considered many options.  Ultimately I accepted a consulting position with the leading live cam network ImLive/PussyCash to offer development and leadership advice for their gay unit.  I felt this opportunity was a perfect match for my unique set of skills; plus I love that it takes me back to my roots.

Many don’t know this, but once upon a time nearly 20 years ago, I was a male webcam host; over the past 10 years I have worked to build some of the leading industry standard tools and live webcam sites.  The use of technology to improve the live interaction is incredibly important to me; I have a drive to innovate and see amazing visions come to life.  I have seen many ways of doing things in the webcam business over the years and I felt like I found the group that has the vision to set the market standards going forward.  Our goals will not be easily achieved, but with the motivated & dedicated ImLive team and our consistently applied efforts we are sure to succeed in our intent to create a new market standard with the PussyCash flagship gay brand

Speaking of the gay market in camming, what insight you have on how Romania stands in this field? Many of our guests are Romanian studio owners. Do you think there is much potential for them in working with boys?

Romania is an integral key to the success of any male cam network.  Being a country filled with gorgeous men who crave economic opportunity it is a perfect crucible for developing cam stars. This is particularly true in rural Romanian communities where webcam guys can earn more than is possible in most available employment opportunities or often lack thereof.  The really smart guys save their money and plot a strategy for achieving goals.  They use webcam modeling as a means to further their education, to buy a home or even put away for some trip or sexy new car.

One insight I have for Romanian studios interviewing models: a general rule I follow is that if they have any 2 of the following they can be successful, if they have three they can be a cam star, but if indeed they really have all four, plus beautiful hair and nails, then you have a potential “million dollar model”.   The four things are: a Gorgeous Face (beautiful eyes, nose, lips & cheeks), a Monster Cock (an amazing bubble ass works too if the cock is only average), a physically fit (athletic or muscular body, a Twink can be just as famous as a muscle god) and last but not least, a fun, friendly and infectious personality.

Back to your question.  Is there potential?  Are you kidding me?  How do I say this so everyone is clear? ABSOLUTELY!!!  Just to be a thousand percent sure, YES, the webcam market and male webcam host market in particular is extremely lucrative.  Especially when the highest levels of quality are provided. The top guys who are friendly, respond to ALL Guests (EVEN FREE ONES), have great technical feeds, and provide the same high quality user experience as the top females do can earn several thousand dollars a month.  The average rate for male hosts while slightly lower is still extremely profitable, because a great male host can absolutely generate more money than any average female host.  I see many top male hosts who do far better than the average female hosts earnings & ranking wise.  The bottom line is linked to the quality of the performer; their ability to convert and retain guests are the most important attributes studios should look for in potential performers.

The best way to guarantee success for any host is by greeting immediately EVERY guest who enters their room. Those guests clicked on you because they had some interest.  Ignoring someone who has shown interest in you is not logical simply because they are not logged in.  In a department store when you pick up an item a sales person is right there to assist you; they don’t wait for you to pull out your wallet, it is assumed you are planning to buy.  They are in the store because they are shopping, users are on the site because they are shopping too, just for a different ‘merchandise’.  It should be no different in live, hosts are the sales clerks and should check that every shopper is being attended to.  Ignoring the user like you are too good for them or have something better to do, like for example staring off into space, is not a good business approach.  I watch a lot of hosts and in my experience the ones who generate the most per hour are the ones who are the most attentive and provide the best overall user experience.  It should be a primary focus for models to learn how to be attentive to the customers.  Only by being responsive hosts can they hope to convince the users to join and become paying members.  I see far too often extremely cute hosts who never catch on to this and fail at webcam modeling as a result.

What new trends, challenges are in the gay market nowadays?

There are several leading trends right now, but trends don’t always make money.  Sometimes they are awkward, time consuming, and provide a low benefit to cost ratio for the effort consumed.  I see some neat things on the horizon as a result of new technology and trends, but personally I am not changing directions as a result of any new tech trends at the moment.  Instead I find it more profitable to focus on goals designed to enhance the interaction between models and users through technological improvements which are market available and easy for users to adopt.  For example mobile broadcasting which allows users to see the most intimate look into the performer’s everyday lives is interesting to me.  We are also introducing improved authenticity through advanced search queries and filters that provide specific niche appropriate content as it is requested.  These are a couple of ways that we are helping users and models share a more intimate interaction.

The biggest challenge is always in building all of the new features we envision as quickly as we want them. So, we learn patience; unfortunately, I am not a very patient person.

We hear about million dollar cam girls nowadays, but what are the prospects of guys who decide to enter this domain?

HaHa, funny that you ask, I just used that buzzword to answer your previous question about insight. J  I love it though, indeed it is such a nice buzzword that defines our industry don’t you think?  Indeed, it is harder today than when I was camming, but yes it is possible.  Let me tell a little story, when I started 20 years ago, I worked in a studio typing for models.  I heard about a guy who lived in the Hollywood Hills and was making 200k a month camming, so I decided to give it a try.  At the time there were like 5 guys doing this in all the USA, the streams were crap and the quality an abomination, but like I said there were so few of us online that you easily made 10-20k+ a month with little effort.  Now days at any given moment there are nearly 1000 guys online competing for customers.  It is not as easy as it was 20 years or even 5 years ago so models indeed have to be much cleverer now; still the basics have not changed.

For example, something that has not changed is that models must be attentive & develop relationships.  You have to greet every user that comes in the room regardless of your feelings that night or their status as a user.  Remember, the networks spend a lot of money to acquire users, every one of them is a potential private.  Treat them like you would a guest coming into your home, I see the best models say hello to EVERYONE regardless of guest or member status. When I hear models complain about low traffic or a slow night I think back to days when we only had 5-10 people coming into the rooms all night and 30 guests in a night was amazing. The simple fact was there were just so few people who had webcams, the internet connections were really slow, and there were almost no options for connecting to customers (the concept of a cam network was just beginning.)  With so few viewers you understood you had to treat everyone well and often you ended up with some really deep relationships, where people actually fell in love with you (models).

So while there are many thousands more customers today seeking out live cams the number of models competing for those customers has increased exponentially and as a result has created a mature market.  Even in a mature market there are awesome opportunities to make serious gains.  The bottom line is that YES, to be a million dollar male cam model is still possible, but only if you treat every guest like gold because literally they are; that has not and never will change.  Every million dollar cam model male, female or transgender will tell you they always strive to treat every single users who enters their room as a unique and special person.

One thing that has changed is that to become a million dollar cam model you have to become a shameless self-promoter.  Models have to create a persona that they present to the world via social media.  They must continue to provide unique and interesting content keeping their shows fresh and fun. While indeed the pool of customers is growing every day in this incredibly lucrative business, working as a successful web cam performer can absolutely be what leverages a man to great wealth in their lifetime, the same as any female performer.

I have seen the earnings statements.  I honestly believe if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything in this life.  You simply have to decide that is what you want, and go for it.

And now let’s return to the event a bit. It means a lot to us that you accepted to be our show host. Do you think that such galas, prizes have a serious role in the industry, or people should focus on the summit itself for business?

WOW!  Great Question.  Honestly they should do both.  Listen, every industry I am aware of has their night(s) for honoring those who innovate, show excellence and are outstanding leaders in their respective field’s day in and day out.  All work and no play, well that makes Jack a dull boy!  Considering how hard we all work in this business taking one night off to celebrate our accomplishments every once in a while is very well-deserved. Indeed the main focus for all of us, even at these fun events, is to make new business and strengthen existing partnerships.  Trust me you will see a deal or two closed during the awards, if I am clever I may even secure one from the stage.  😉  Just kidding, I maybe possibly promised, I can’t 100% recall, that for one night, I might have maybe agreed, to a no commercials from me rule?!?! But really, who can be sure of these things?!?!?

So let me just get it out of my system now on the off chance I might have possibly agreed to something I forgot.

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