Interview with AshleyWels

Interview with AshleyWels


Can you tell us a bit about how and when you got into this domain?

Everything started 3 years ago because of my curiosity, wishing to try new things that I’ve never done. I took it as a new challenge.  I`ve heard some gossips about this industry and based on that I considered that would be a way to discover my limits and to satisfy my curiosities.

Have you ever faced different treatment from people in the industry, because of your gender or because you work as a live cam model?

Honestly and surprisingly, yes, I was treated differently by people that are close to me or even other competitors.  I have to say that the competition is rough and I faced some awkward moments when other performers verbally harassed me when I was streaming live from my room.  On the other side if we would talk about the society and the prejudices that are coming along with it is even more sad.  People change their behaviour when they find out that you are working in adult entertainment business. This topic is very sensitive and people are considering it a taboo. It`s all about the way of seeing and thinking. Honestly I don`t think something`s going to change too soon, despite the number of models that Romania provides.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your job?

Well when a party breaker gets into your room, you as a performer have to continue to cheer up the visitors and your mood as well despite his behaviour and mean intentions.  Just to tell you an inside funny fact, I call this kind of guys, TROLLS. Another challenge, in my opinion, Is to try to understand their behaviour and their needs from the first instance when they got into your private chat.

Did the adult business change you over the years? If so, how?

Of course it changed me. How? If in the beginning I was shy and naïve, over the time my way of understanding their necessities has changed and I grew up, I became more mature. Being appreciated and admired by so many people, gave me a lot of confidence.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to the new generation of performers?

To stay strong and never let anyone else to change the way they are. Another important fact is to set big goals and principles to evolve, plus to understand that it takes sacrifices to reach performance.

Which achievement of yours in the live cam business makes you the proudest so far, and what would be the next one?

The proudest achievement is that I remained myself despite the goods and the bads that I have faced over the time. Usually when you reach a high level you tend to forget who you really are and from where you started.  I want to believe I didn`t get trapped into this situation. The next one? Hmm… good question! I`m an action kind of person, I prefer to react and to prove than to talk, so it has to be a secret!

Finally, we are curious how a regular work day of yours looks like?

Every day is different. Usually I log in and starting with that moment I try my best to make it a memorable and joyful one.  It`s a new day a new party with my visitors! In the end you have to enjoy your job to make it good!


  1. Ashley is simply fascinating… the way she looks and act is very lady like, elegant and nice.
    I totally understand her comments about Trolls and people who are not respect that this work means to giving a lot for people who need it.
    She is a fine person and it is a pleasure to talk to her.