Interview with amazing LittleRedBunny

Interview with amazing LittleRedBunny


 How did your adventure in this industry start?

 It was a little by coincidence that I considered doing this. I simply wanted to see if there was some work I could to do online from home which would have been more suitable for me to have independence with my schedule. While browsing the Internet one day I saw a page with girls that were “supposedly” live on cam. I was doubting it very much, thinking it was pre-recorded, but turns out I was wrong. At first I did not think much of it and was still looking for what kind of work I could do, but then the idea of giving webcamming a try grew on me. I knew nothing about it, and did not take the time to learn more about it either. Generally, when I make a decision, I just dive into it, which is what I did. So I got the required equipment and jumped in and learned everything on my own by trial and error since day one.

 How did you find out about these kind of conventions?

 It would have started after I won my first award for Best Camgirl of the Year at the Sex Awards which got me out of my bedroom for the first time. Shortly after that it led to the AVN Awards and the AVN Expo. There is where I really learned about conventions and connected events.  I never really planned to go and I really didn’t know what to expect or what I should do. But during the event I started to meet people and was introduced to people in the industry and that is where I started to learn about all the other events taking place around the world. Honestly though, I felt like a little fish lost in a big pond, but there is a first to everything and have to start somewhere, right?

 Why do you participate to these kind of meetings? Do you find them useful and that other girls should follow your example and go as well?

 Well, to be honest, I love to travel and experience new places and cultures, so that is usually the thing that motivates me on a personal level to attend these events. But professionally I think going to events, awards and expos is a great opportunity to meet other models, fans, and industry professionals. Especially independent models like myself, we typically wouldn’t be able to interact with anybody. In general, I think we all, even studios (which I knew nothing about this part of the business before), are mostly on our own and live in separate communities online and offline. Going to these events is a great way to get all types of people and unique cultures closer by sharing knowledge and common experiences in a constructive environment with the opportunity to learn from each other on many different levels. It really gave me a wider picture and range of knowledge on the industry and it can inspire others to be exposed too and learn new things. You know what they say, “the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.” To me it has been very inspiring, and I always look forward to the next time I can again meet the people I created bonds with and see the next new experiences and knowledge we will get to share. The good thing with the camming industry is at any event I’ve been to, people value the personal connections as much as the actual “business” parts, so we are sure to always share a lot of professional conversations, as well as having a lot of fun.

 Beside practicing yoga, what other passions do you have?                                         

 Good company, conversation, great music, good cocktails, delicious food, and I love movies too. All of these things usually come up at some point during conversations in my free chat and I wish to eventually be able to share more of these passions on my website as well. I enjoy the simplest things, and I enjoy each of them just like a mini orgasm (wink wink).

 Can you tell me the funniest moment that happened to you when you were online?

Oh, I am not sure this should be said here, lol, but there are a few things that can happen when you spend so much time online. Once, when I was online – even though I was a little sick – I was, hmmmmm, in a doggy-style position during a private session. I had a toy inside me and suddenly I sneezed. It made the toy fly all the way across the room, hit a wall, and land on the floor. I had trouble holding my laughter in, but I tried to quickly grab another toy so I could keep focusing on what my guest and I were doing. Meanwhile I saw that he was already laughing because he saw this “rocket dildo” flying across the screen, and was surprised by how far it flew, how hard it hit the wall and then the floor. We got quite a good laugh about it! You know, nothing is always perfect, and that is what brings some spice to life and makes things way less boring. I am actually very happy that with webcamming, people do appreciate seeing we are real, normal people. Funny things can always happen, and one of the reasons they may like us are these imperfections. Thank god too because I am so accident prone!! Phew!

 How was seven years ago, when you started to work as webcam performer, and how are the things in business today ? In your opinion the things have changed and in which way?

 When I started it was quite simple. I used to just wake up, get ready, go online, go offline, eat, relax, and then go to bed. Now I do a lot of offline work on social media, emails, creating and editing content for my chat room page and personal websites, and so much more. It seems there is more required of models these days than before, and that can be very time consuming and costly. However, there are a lot of good things which have changed for the better. There are higher rates of pay from the sites, better working conditions, support and guidance which really give models all the tools they need to be successful when they want to start and have no knowledge of the business. Almost none of that was there several years ago. Also, I have seen camming come out of the underground and become more mainstream with more media articles talking about the industry, awards being created, and more studios being developed worldwide for models. There are more sites than ever before, competing with each other, but I always think competition can be a good thing as it creates ingenuity and stronger work ethics most of the time.