Instagram or Easygram

Instagram or Easygram


Instagram has confirmed that its users will have a new option in the coming weeks.
For the beginning it will be available only on iOS.

The new facility comes to help you if you have multiple Instagram accounts. It allows
you to share the post on many or on all of your accounts at the same time and it is as easy to use
as can be. So, after writing the description of the post and tagging the people you want, you just
have to check off the accounts you want to share your post on and then press the publish button.
The company refers to the feature as “self-regram” and will be found under the options to tag
people and mark your location with the option to post to other accounts, as revealed by the

This feature was long discussed in the past years and lots of rumours about it came
around, but the company denied the possibility every time. Things are now official and the
owners talked to and told them: "We are rolling out this feature to provide a
better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts".

The possibility of posting the same image or video on multiple accounts is considered to
be useful for brands, for people with many business accounts, for regular people or for
influencers, but specialists say this new feature could also make Instagram’s feed less original,
with different audiences of different accounts seeing the same videos and photos.
There aren’t any news yet for the Android version of Instagram, but presumably the
company will make an announcement soon enough. For Android users, Instagram is testing an
easier shortcut of importing photos from Google Photos.