Inspiring movies for cam models

Inspiring movies for cam models


Although even nowadays, there are still many people who find difficult to accept that the erotic sense is a component of our human behavior, plenty of directors or artists dedicated their efforts to highlight it. Consequently, a very large majority of movies present erotic scenes with a view to increase the realism of a specific production and to make people more aware of their erotic needs. This motivated us to cherry pick a few movies which can serve as learning materials for cam performers, by helping them to increase the quality of their shows and their erotic skills alike.   

The first movie that we would like to introduce is Nine 1/2 Weeks. In a nutshell, this movie presents the story of a woman who works as an art gallery assistant and who gets involved in an impersonal affair with a man. The whole action gravitates around these 2 characters, that develop a quite complicated affair. He wants to dominate and control everything, while she surrenders to him by experiencing a tremendous erotic reverie. This movie is full of unorthodox rendezvous which can provide new kinky ideas for special online dates with specific members. Moreover, you can learn some tricks about the art of dominance and submission, as their love story contains plenty of spicy scenes.

Another notorious movie is Basic Instinct. It`s a massive source of inspiration due to the complex details displayed in the plot. If you haven’t seen it so far, we would like to present a brief summary of it. The action is centered around a troubled police detective that gets involved in the investigation of a twisted but kinky murder of a rock star. The main feminine character is represented by a writer who works on a novel which seems to indicate in a very detailed way how the rock star was killed. The detective thinks she might be the killer by realizing that she’s witty, cunning and manipulative. In spite of these aspects, he’s still mesmerized by her due to her sensuous magnetism. In our opinion, she the best personification of the femme fatale, and the interrogation scene is reckoned as one of the most iconic in terms of seduction and manipulation.   

Sex and Lucia is a movie full of twisted actions made to play with the audience’s mind. This movie is about a girl called Lucia that works as a waitress, and who gets involved in a relationship with a writer. The latter one has different erotic calls and urges that lead to a large series of worth-watching hot and sensual scenes.  

We mentioned these movies as they have quite an iconic image. Those were blockbusters back in time and plenty of people enjoyed them. Hence, they can help you provide new conversation subjects as well. Thus besides the erotic insights, you can also delight your fans with plenty of comments based on them. Obviously, there are other titles worth watching such as Intimacy, Blue is the warmest color, Love, The Brown Bunny or 9 Songs.

In addition to the movies presented above, you can find some reliable sources of inspiration for handling C.E.I,  J.O.I. , or any other fetish requests or roleplay, on porn platforms such as Pornhub. Once you grasp the insights, all you have to do is to adapt your knowledge to certain situations you may face online.