Increase your earnings by selling your content!

Increase your earnings by selling your content!


It has been proved that lots of people who are spending time and money on cam sites show a particular interest in keeping a fresh memory of their favorite performers, which can take the shape of an exclusive picture or video. As a consequence, once you have reached a certain degree of popularity on cam, you should definitely consider providing this kind of content in order to maximize their satisfaction, but also to increase their loyalty, which will ultimately boost your earnings as well.

selling_your_videosAlthough making videos may look like such a big hassle after a long day of live streaming, or way too time consuming or even expensive, in our opinion, doing it, is one of the most profitable ways to double your earnings. We can offer you a free piece of advice for making hot scenes videos while you are still focused on your job.  It is actually a very simple and efficient idea, basically, all you have to do is to capture some of the naughty parts of your shows, and blend them together to start monetizing them on several platforms described below.    

Selling video can bring you a lot of benefits from the financial perspective, and moreover, there is absolutely no need for having a director’s mind or the skills of a video editor to be able to provide this kind of content. Try to imagine this scenario for example, if you have a 90 minutes show you can break it into different parts and create 6 different shows for sale, and you can upload one every week at least.  You should keep in mind that when you perform, the money earned, is nothing but a natural consequence of your hard work, commitment and all the huge efforts, however, uploading a video is a very easy job, which basically challenges only your patience before being sold. If you choose to sale your videos on different platforms, you are automatically increasing the chances to earn peachy money, but also you will surely enjoy a larger and different audience, which naturally comes with every new platform you are collaborating.

The massive and continuous flow of adult industry development brought to us a multitude of sites where models can upload erotic/explicit content and where visitors have to pay in order to watch or download it, from which we can mention few of them.

For the first example, we would like to suggest, ModelCentro, which allows you to sell your favorite videos or pictures, it enables you to offer custom-tailored videos, but also gives you the opportunity to build your own site and to settle your own rules, creating your own domain as well. In other words, ModelCentro gives you the chance to make your own luck, since visitors have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to be able to enjoy your exclusive content; without any doubts, the site will take a commission but at the end of the month you enjoy a share of 75% which is absolutely lovely!

Another good example is represented by the ExtraLunchMoney platform, which due to the huge demand for tailored videos, concentrated their strategy to build a reliable, fully operational site which enjoys so many visitors on daily basis, thus becoming a great choice for selling your content.

We can continue our recommendations with ManyVids, which over the years has emerged as one of the best sites to monetize your content. It has become very popular, due to the simple registration process and due to the incredibly simple user experience. Once you upload a video there, you have the chance to set a short preview to make visitors more curious about you and to increase the chance of selling them fast or even to obtain new subscriptions.  

The list can continue with clips4sale, of which reputation has increased recently and which become one of the most used selling platforms by the cam models. If you are new to this site, it is highly recommended to check what are the average prices for clips which may be similar to yours in terms of content (the type of show practice) or in length, as currently, the competition is very tight on it.

monetise_your_videosIn case you decide to start producing and monetize your content, you should try to cover a large pool of shows, obviously that kind of shows in which you excel. You should never think that one BJ scene posted on just one platform will bring you gazillion dollars, but instead you should think how to turn your erotic skills into a devastating asset, which will totally differentiate you from the competition.  It is highly indicated to upload a large number of videos on different platforms, but first you should research them in order to identify what kind of niches you can cover with your videos, and to post on each of them catchy content.

The amounts of money you can obtain by sharing your videos, are surely influenced by the number of them, by their show quality and also by how much effort you place in promoting them. As we already pointed out, it can a great way to earn extra bucks while you are not camming, with fewer efforts but with a certain degree of involvement and patience.



  1. Besides keeping a fresh memory of your beloved performers, sharing something a little bit personal can be a little bit more special to the members.