Increase your cam users conversion rate

Increase your cam users conversion rate


At the first glance, working as cam girl may seem quite a piece of cake for plenty of people. This category of people tends to believe that cam girls have only to stay in front of the web while money will fall from the skies. However, in reality, cam girls really need to struggle to get the attention of a various number of cam platform users.

In order to reach success, cam girls have to be perceived as very interesting communicative people, able to satisfy customers’ demands. As a consequence, they need to make use of several techniques for building such reputation.

One of the major skills which need to be mastered is seduction. Being a seductive person will make you increase the chances of attracting new members since at the end of the day you perform on an adult site. You should be aware that live streaming implies being watched by various people who have plenty of different sexual fantasies, thus you should be always in high spirits and able to arouse them.

To some extents, as a cam girl, you should behave like a salesperson, by constantly highlighting your assets or abilities, proving thus that you’re unique. Thereby, you should place a special focus on communication and body language techniques. Making eye contact with the camera, for instance, will suggest a higher commitment and devotion to your audience and it will help build more trustworthy relationships. Besides these aspects, there might be the case that a numerous number of guys will fall in love with your unique look.  Moreover, many people are attracted by girls with a rich general knowledge. It basically means that when you’re online, you should talk about diverse subjects. In this way, you may have the surprise to be approached by the so called “silent guys”, who out of the blue discovered that you share plenty of common hobbies or interests.

Having the right attitude is a definitory element to convert simple users into paying ones. From the way of flirting to the way of dealing with impolite members, you must prove that you are a mature person, with enough wits to avoid conflicts and to have interesting talks. Try to avoid being ridiculously sarcastic or a lousy gossip queen for instance, and focus on providing your members with reasons to initiate chats with you.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t by any means give the impression of being a gold digger! It is highly recommended to avoid asking for tips or to force a private chat, while other members witness the conversation. It will make you look desperate and it will ward off plenty of the potential customers. Instead, making use of several site features such as direct messages or individually tailored invitations will help you deliver your requests more privately. Proving a high degree of discretion while combining the written and verbal communication, has a much better impact and helps you steer the conversation to the right track.

Moreover, acting like a customer oriented person rather than a money-driven one will create a positive image. It’s worth mentioning that having a positive image will make cam platform users more eager to know you, and lastly will increase the chances of converting even guests. There have been plenty of times when some guests decide to become registered members on specific platforms, as they discovered the perfect online girl. By managing to convert this category of users, you also increase the prospect of maximizing your earnings, since all the major cam sites offer substantial referral bonuses.

To conclude, if you really wish to increase the user conversion rate, you need to find ways to fully understand your audience. It is highly recommended to give people reasons to spend time in your company, by highlighting your distinctive qualities. Moreover, you need to constantly improve your skills and to try become the best version of yourself.