How to monetize your offline activity

How to monetize your offline activity


Nowadays, cam performers have to opportunity to increase their revenues while they away from the web. Hence, in this article, we proposed a bunch of ways to efficiently monetize their offline activity, using different platforms.

2Hot4FB is a site with ad revenue shares, on which cam performers can upload adult content, like topless photos or nude. This idea behind the site is to censor these pics by using stickers and to share them on different social networks.  2Hot4Fb pays each contributor with 5 cents for every 50 views. It might not sound much but, a hot photo can gain a lot of views. You can take advantages of the site`s bonuses to increase the incomes, like the referral one for instance. The more followers models have on different social media platforms, the higher the chances to enjoy a large number of views. Once you decide to become a content contributor, you should keep in mind that the site totally forbids photos depicting close-up genitals, sex toys or any kind of sexual acts.

ExtraLunchMoney is a site where webcam performers can sell video content, enjoying a 65% payout share, without any sort of chargebacks. This site has a rather interesting and innovative system which encourages newbies to upload content, by displaying it on the front page. In order to ensure a better visibility on ExtraLunchMoney, a bunch of steps is required, as following: uploading new content frequently, updating the profile on regular basis, identifying the peak hours and planning the activity to cover them. Also, this platform has plenty of different active ways to help models increase their earnings by selling panties or even texting for instance. In the same time, it is a very social media friendly platform which allows the adult providers to advertise and share their content on twitter with so much ease.  

Another passive way for models to earn extra money is to become a star on ManyVids. On this website, performers can sell their video clips. Besides having a large number of categories to differentiate the content, ManyVids is famous for having a good and stable traffic. It has its own way of ranking models, whereas the most popular videos will always be displayed on the front page. Models can increase their ranking by either interacting with other ones, using automatic tweets, promoting their content on Tumblr or by providing top notch videos. Moreover, ManyVids helps the contributors to promote their wish-lists and allows them to sell different belongings such as panties. It’s worth mentioning that on this platform, models are protected against chargebacks and they receive a 60% payout. Moreover, if models want to schedule their posts to reach specific hours, the site has a special tool available.

Clips4sale is another option for models to monetize their content. This platform has a huge reputation in the online biz and has a high-traffic as well, however, the content providers are not protected against the chargebacks. Clips4sale has an interesting content policy, imposing a time limit for the clips, focusing thus on publishing short and qualitative ones. If a model wants to activate the account she should upload 10 clips. Every time a model uploads a clip it will be displayed on the front of the page. Besides clips models can vend other items such as images or memberships, enjoying a 60% share from any sale made.

Another solution for offline incomes is ModelCentro, where models can build their own paysite with a 70% payout. ModelCentro gives adult producers the opportunity to fully customize and organize their sites, providing plenty of features including blogging, streaming rooms, or requested clips. However, it’s worth mentioning that models have to ensure their own traffic.

In the case when people use plenty of sites and tools simultaneously, it is highly indicated to have in their portfolio a tool for statistical evidence, such as Vertosmart for example.  Vertosmart is a panel app with the ability to gather data from the apps or websites you may use. It is a very friendly software which runs in the background without requiring many resources while being a spam free one.  

The key for reaching a substantial passive revenue is to collect or to constantly generate adult content, to find the most suitable sites for it and to embrace the idea of publishing on all of them. This way you can limit most of the production costs for several clips for instance and you increase the prospect of selling to a larger audience. It’s quite often the case when cam performers manage to monetize their offline activity as much as the online one.