How teledildonics influenced the adult industry

How teledildonics influenced the adult industry


If you think you know everything about the adult industry, you are wrong, because everything is changing on a daily basis. When people engaged in the adult industry were asked, a while ago, to express a vision regarding this industry, they would have answered “a naughty woman dancing around a pole” or they were thinking about a sign on a shady window, where was written  “massage”.

Live chat networks, the universe where clients are enjoying watching models performing sexual acts, while they are interacting with them in a chat room, have been around as long as the internet and webcams developed. But today, the industry is way more different than it used to be. Cam sites have incorporated features and tools like virtual reality, internet or Bluetooth enabled sex toys, to increase the quality of live cam shows. Most important, sex toys manufacturers went to the next level and they created sex devices that are able to connect via Bluetooth, which can be handled by both parties: models and customers. For example, Lovense and Kiiroo, created devices for women and men that use this kind of technology.

Some sites may prefer to work with sex devices for female performers, such as  Kiiro Pearl, which is a vibrating dildo that interacts with another device similar to a fleshlight, which basically simulates a vagina.  Similar to “Lovense” devices, when “pearl” and “sleeve”  are wirelessly synchronized they react to a haptic feedback almost instantly.

Performers have experienced a lot of pleasant situations where the customers got crazy over these devices, as they were feeling exactly how it`s like to receive blowjobs or to experience a genuine sensation of having sex with their favorite performer.

Thanks to these devices the connection and interaction between models and customers became stronger and the feeling of natural went to the next level.  Successful models adopt a “girlfriend” attitude because they don`t just perform a show, they hang out in the chat room for some good hours with their fans.

Customers can have the desire to meet the performer in person, a natural and understandable desire, which is still forbidden by all camming sites, however, nowadays this matter can be mitigated in a very elegant way with the help of these interactive enabled sex toys. Sex toys that offer the possibility to get even closer to customers’ expectations but still keeping them safety and comfortable in front of the camera at their place.

Whereas in the present, cam industry is considered similar to stripping industry to some extents, because hosts are earning tips for their actions while performing, few companies decided to give this industry a different approach and a way more futuristic perspective. For example, CamSoda launched a program called Blow cast, for customers where they can download to their male device, several blowjobs presets which simulates a break-taking oral performance from their favorite models.

The success of this technology in the adult industry remains to be seen, but for the moment the integration of sex tech into the camming industry is very profitable and fun.


  1. Being a cam model means that you fulfill someone’s fantasy and that’s not very easy to achieve. It takes time and research.