How long did you wait for your first sexual experience?

How long did you wait for your first sexual experience?


Adam & Eve company continued their yearly tradition and asked 1000 adults about their first intercourse, coming with new promising results.

The statistics revealed that 2% of the women and 5% of the male lost their virginity before turning 13 years old. The large majority of participants, 52% of the females and 49% of the males, admitted they first had sex between age 13 and 18. In addition, 38% of the females and 34% of the males said they first had intercourse between age 18 and 23, wheres 8% of the women and 12% of the men were over age 23.

Dr. Kat Van Kirk, resident sexologist for Adam & Eve claims that the results are very encouraging “Sex is an amazing, powerful gift, but one that teenagers — especially young teenagers — are often ill-equipped to handle.”

After carefully assessing the results, Dr. Kat Van Kirk thinks that more youngsters choose to wait to have sex than in the years past. She believes that it is actually a really good thing because teenagers should be physically and emotionally prepared for this important step “Engaging in sexual activity before you are ready physically and emotionally can lead to a number of long-term issues”.

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