How camming differs from any other job

How camming differs from any other job


It is already a well-known fact that camming industry is a constant process of development and evolution for years, thanks to continuous work the developers and due to the technology which is constantly changing and upgrading.

Working as a cam host provides a large variety of advantages, including the possibility of being your own boss. Based on how much you get involved in creating your persona, you can start to earn a lot of money; you can make your own schedule, and of course at the end of the day, you’ll feel spoiled by these peachy financial benefits.

Most of the successful cam performers have a common characteristic: the involvement in developing their character and the sense of responsibility and commitment to their job. For example, a successful cam model spends around 10-12 hours per day comparing with other different job sectors where the number of hours may vary between 8-10 hours/day, at the end of the day, the income being the main factor which makes a difference, turning the balance in favor of the cam girls. For example, an average cam performer can earn around $1000 per week while top performers can get up to $10,000 per week, but you have to take in consideration that the last ones put interest in their performance, creating thus their typical own style and set ups.

Comparing with any other jobs, camming proves to be so much different than any regular job which imposes a very strict schedule and it basically ends once you step out the workplace, and where most of the times people don’t need to do additional research for it after the working hours. Camming, on the other hand, implies continuous research either during your online performance or after it finishes. It’s absolutely vital to figure it out what kind of hobbies or what preferences your most loyal members have in order to fully understand their needs which consequently implies developing your general knowledge about every single aspect of what happens worldwide.

In order to be successful in front of the cam, you really have to prove a strong personality, being always able to control all of your feelings, emotions and leave aside at least for few hours all your life routine or sadness which can negatively affect your performance. You should be the source of happiness for your members, not a reason to make their life even sadder, because, at the end of the day, your presence in front of the cam has the ultimate goal of entertaining people which means you should focus an impressive amount of  attention on makeup, hairstyle or differently stated on your image! Obviously, if you’re not an English native speaker, you should consider improving your English skills, since it’s the most widespread and common language used on the internet. However, in the same time, you can also try to develop yourself, to consider reading or to watch a large variety of movies, anything which can enhance the quality of your chats or helps you diversify them! If you are a loquacious person, this might be quite an asset for you, having the chance to interact with so many people from all over the world,  all having with different stories and different characters requires specific advanced communication skills and hence the importance of having a rich vocabulary is highlighted again.

Another advantage of working in camming industry comparing with striptease, for example, is that you perform from a safe comfortable place in front of a camera, while stripping can request the need to travel to a potentially risky location. If a cam host feels bothered by a rude customer, has the chance to block him without the risk to meet him while going home. Strippers are working with clubs or with people who are hiring them for private shows. If the business is slow the incomes are low as well, while the situation with cam girls is different. Besides the luck of making their own schedule, a cam girl has the ability to make her own luck too, since the money comes as long as she broadcasts with devotion.

Cam industry can teach you how to express even your sexuality with a feeling of safeness, due to the distance created by a virtual world which makes possible to develop a kind of introverted immodesty but also can turn you into a proper celebrity!



  1. Indeed, even a male cam performer has to take into consideration many aspects like the look, the attitude, the research, the speaking skills. A cam performer is an entertainer at the end of the day. Simple as that. We take the time to understand and be there for our members.

  2. The cam plays a big part in this process. Someone can be really shy in real life but in front of the camera he can transform into a beast. The camera makes you be more focused.

  3. This is a job that requires a lot of commitment and involvement. You have to love performing to be a good cam model: if you don’t enjoy what you do, it will be really hard to be successful