How an Annual Adult Trade Show shaped the Romanian Live Cam Market

How an Annual Adult Trade Show shaped the Romanian Live Cam Market


During the last years, Romania has proved to be one of the world’s largest markets for the Live Cam Industry, if not the largest! Although this industry has its roots in the States, becoming important sources of entertainment before the year 2000, it was easily embraced by the European countries as well, and surprisingly it made a cozy home in Romania too.

Unlike the U.S. or Western European Countries, Romania was soon characterized by the presence of a multitude of studios. This fact can be attributed to the Romanian legal system, which allowed the established of studios, combined with a very good IT&C infrastructure.   

Even though Romanian Live Cam Market boomed and flourished over the years, it was very different than nowadays, from several points of view, from the way studios were designed, structured or managed to legal boundaries of their activity. During the last few years, people engaged in this industry witnessed a considerable improvement in terms of quality standards that deal with important aspects such as studio management, content productions, marketing strategies, HR policies, legal agreements or training & model development strategies. About the same time, a bunch of Romanian publishers (bloggers, webmasters) and/or analysts wondered what determined studio owners to undertake such actions, taking into account that back then the market was far from being oversaturated and the financial returns were unbelievably high.  Although it might sound peculiar for some people, this massive wave of improvements can be traced back to the year  2014. In spite of different researchers or analysis, the conclusion was identical, 2014 was the year when an important annual trade show, with American roots but based on Europe, Ynot Awards, decided to introduce a new category in their awards portfolio.  This category aimed to reward the Best Emerging Live Cam studios, and beyond all doubts, the winner was a Romanian one! Through their innovative decision, the Ynot team paved the way for new challenges and determined all the engaged people to act proactive and to set the grounds for the previously mentioned actions or strategies. This phenomenon has a simple explanation: winning a prize from an international group which is specialized in rewarding the top players within the Adult Industry can only highlight how popular you or your business have become.  Needless to say, being awarded by a company from the US, country which has been the cradle of adult entertainment for decades, can only lead to immense joy and sky-high job satisfaction!

Since then, models and studios made huge efforts to obtain international recognition.  Being nominated for a specific category in one of the most prestigious Adult Industry Awards events doesn’t imply only feeding someone’s ego, but more like is naturally perceived as a token of appreciation for the hard and constant work.  Aside from getting some sort of personal pride, or new marketing opportunities, the international recognitions brings great responsibilities as well. For instance, a nominee or a winner will prove a higher degree of commitment to its activity, in order to reach the same performance next year, or will struggle to overcome their previous one!  At the same time, international recognition represents a motivational trigger for newcomers, making them dream of playing in the major league and encouraging them to work hard enough to make their dream come true!

The Ynot Awards Team, has become aware of the massive and continuous changes that characterize the Romanian Live Cam and in return, they featured more categories designed to reward the hard work of  Live Cam Industry enthusiasts.  Whereas in 2014 there was only one category available for the studio owners or cam models, in very next year another category, Best Cam model was added. By Simply following the pattern, nowadays, for the 2017 Awards Gala, they offer 7 different categories specific to the cam biz, whereas one is exclusively tailored for Romanian market, Best Cam Studio – Romania. The more appreciated Romanian Cam Biz gets at the international level, the higher the chances to keep on enhancing! And again, here the very best and the first trade show to take credit for it, is Ynot.

The way it looks like, the current success of Romanian Cam Biz can be attributed to an important degree to our American fellows, who brought to Europe a promising Adult Awards Gala. The Ynot Awards reached its seventh annual edition this year, and it’s still recognized as a pioneer, a source of inspiration for other shows, and a genuine influencer which positively shaped the current state of the Romanian Adult Live Cam Industry.