Homemade beer, how about that?

Homemade beer, how about that?


LG presented recently a new technology of crafting beer at home at CES Las Vegas – the
largest fair of consumer tehchnology worldwide. Seems like you have to be patient untill you can
taste it, because this is not an instant operation: the process takes about two weeks. On the other
hand, it’s kind of easy to make: there are 4 capsules you just have to put into the machine: the
big one, tube-shaped, contains the main ingredient: malt. The three other smaller capsules
contains yeast, hop oil and flavoring. All that will be put inside and will ferment at a certain
temperature and pressure. Of course, you need to connect the machine to a constant power
source for that.

„The capsule-based Craft Beer Maker“ seems to be easy to use, and he is doing it all:
fermentation, carbonation, ageing, serving and even self-cleaning (just pour some water inside,
after the job is done), according to the producers. They say also that the device is the result of
decades of research, technology development and years of home appliance and water purification
You can check the status of the brew by a mobile app, just to make sure that everything is going
The capsules are for a single use; if you want to have enough beer for a big party at home, you
will need to rerun the process, with new capsules, wich means that you should plan the party at
least one month before.

American IPA, American Pale Ale, English Stout, Belgian-style Witbier și Czech Pilsner –
theese are the five selections of beer the HomeBrew can offer you.
At the end of the two weeks, you will have up to five liters of homemade beer, depending on the
type. Just in time to have a fully relaxed and flavoured evening.
Still, the release date of the product and his price was not announced yet.