Hallucinating hypothesis. “Elvis is alive!” What is the King of Rock’n Roll...

Hallucinating hypothesis. “Elvis is alive!” What is the King of Rock’n Roll supposed to be doing right now?


Elvis Aaron Presley. Was born on January 8, 1935 and died on August 16, 1977. This is what the world knows about the man which is considered The King of Rock`n Roll, but an incredible hypothesis has come to light now. The famous singer Peter Andre and also many enthusiastic fans of Elvis’s refuse to believe that one of the greatest singers of all time could have been killed by a heart attack in 1977 in his own bathroom.

The singer has launched a theory, that states the fact that Elvis Presley is still alive and would have wanted to fake is own death, 42 years ago just to escape celebrity and leave a normal life. The idea is shared by several people who believe a Bob Joyce pastor of Arkansas is actually Elvis Presley.

“Apparently, Pastor Bob looks incredibly close to how Elvis would if he was in his eighties. I know it sound bonkers, but who’s to say he did not just get fed up with his life towards the end and choose to escape it all? “, Pete Andre said. The creator of “Mysterious Girl”, Andre thinks Elvis didn’t die in his bath, but he may have been saved by miracle, and later decided to go to the countryside and become a pastor.

“I know there’s only one Elvis and no one, surely not me, he could ever be like him,” said pastor Bob Joyce, who many consider to be the true Elvis.

If Elvis would have been alive, he would have been 84 years old. “The King” is the best solo-selling artist, with over one billion sales worldwide.