Get (on) high heels!

Get (on) high heels!


One of the last trends in showbiz is to use cannabis lotions for the feet, when wearing
high heels for a long time it’s a must. Cannabis-infused products (about 50-60 dollars) can be
used, otherwise, on any body part, successfully replacing painkillers. Also, they have good
results if used before cosmetic surgery, helping the skin recover faster. The main effect is anti-
inflammatory, moisturizing the skin and relaxing the muscles. But they also fight wrinkles, how
about that?

Stars like Olivia Wilde, Stacy London, Jessica Seinfeld are using CBD oil (cannabidoil) lotions,
according to New York Post’s Page Six. Some other products of Lord John’s company, like dark
chocolate and gumdrops are used to soothe anxiety and for fighting insomnia. The tincture and
capsules have the same effect.

There are also contrary opinions about those products, even if many producers eliminated THC
of the ingredients , which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. So, the effect will not be
really the same as having a joint…
Actually, CBD is an chemical compound extracted from the hemp plant – marijuana, used for
medical purposes. Marijuana usage became legal in California in January 2018. Since that
moment, many cosmetic companies and wellness centers included that ingredient in their

Most of the CBD lotions provide a cooling sensation. There are varieties with no fragrance or
some others scenting like green citrus, sage or cool mint.
Other companies, like Ambika Herbals, propose similar products, like bath salts. Jersey shore
cosmetics has developed moisturising and rejuvenating products, like lip balms, based on the
same ingredient.
Even though the ladies seems to be more interested in those solutions, they can be used also by

By the way: on what part of your body will you be more interested to experience a CBD
product? And, just for curiosity: with whom would you share it?