First Annual LittleRedBunny Spotlight Awards Announced

First Annual LittleRedBunny Spotlight Awards Announced


LittleRedBunny, one of the most awarded and recognized cam models in the adult industry, has partnered with AW Summit Exec Awards to present her First Annual LittleRedBunny Spotlight Awards to recognize cam models who exemplify the hard work, dedication and professionalism that can often go unnoticed within the industry.

“I’ve been to several awards shows and I feel that many models who work very hard are overlooked, or don’t get the opportunity to be showcased or spotlighted at events in the industry,” LittleRedBunny said. “Using myself as an example of someone who had to work hard, struggle, and overcome many obstacles to get where I am today, I want to give special recognition to those models who, whether they make a lot of money or not, really are the epitome of what it takes to persevere in this industry and succeed on a professional and personal level.”

The awards will acknowledge models who not only have a strong work ethic, but are an inspiration to their peers and coworkers, who lead by example and show their value not just as an employee for platforms and studios, but as a person as well.

“Some of the hardest things to maintain in the industry is consistency and discipline,” LittleRedBunny added. “Cam models work long, hard hours and to keep your motivation going and work through obstacles in your professional and personal life should be recognized when it can be.”

LittleRedBunny will present a limited number of awards during the AW Summit Exec Awards and will explain why selected models are receiving this award as well as promote the studio or platform the model works for. Additionally, LittleRedBunny will highlight the winning models on her website and social media to help acknowledge and promote the models.

Studios and platforms who are interested in sponsoring a model for this prestigious award should contact LittleRedAcademyPR@gmail for more details. Time and number of awards is limited so make your requests and submissions right away.

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