Fabian Grey shares some details about AliceX platform

Fabian Grey shares some details about AliceX platform


First of all please introduce yourself and your position at AliceX!

My name is Fabian Grey and I am the CEO of AliceX. We have started out with doing some research on AliceX around 2 years ago and then in February 2015 we started with the initial development. It took us another year to launch in private bet at XBiz LA 2016. During this launch we only streamed at the XBiz and Inernext shows and afterwards 8 hours per day. After some very successful 6 months we were able to launch publicly on the 1st of September 2016.

We know you’ve been in development for almost two years, working hard for the recent launch. What is the overall feedback from members so far?

The overall feedback is great! Not only love the VR users our product, but also the 2D users always mention not only how beautiful our models are, but also how nice the stream quality is and how well it works on all devices.

Besides the VR element, with what other features AliceX’ platform differentiates from the competition?

VR obviously is our biggest differentiator. We focus quite heavily on the VR side of the service, but we also deliver a high quality stream with a very low latency to our 2D users. They have the advantage to get a world class service on their desktops and mobile phones, which is 100% responsive. The responsiveness on mobile is something that most of our competitors is lacking. Also our latency of only 400ms for a round trip is something, that others are lacking.

In your opinion, how VR live cams members differentiate from “regular” live cams members, and how they interact with VR content overall? What about the models, are they prepared in terms of using this technology in an entertaining way?

The VR users differentiate from regular users mostly by how they interact with models and how big the retention rate and how much they spend. While 2D users can text chat with models, VR users, once they enter the VR mode, can only interact with the model, by using their microphone, so speaking to the model. This is something that will soon get a total overhaul though, so we are investing a lot of time and efforts into making the VR experience better. The other thing that we see is, that VR users have a higher retention rate and spend more money, which is obviously great for us and the models.

What are the main challenges when it comes to increase the audience of VR live shows?

The main challenge are two fold, one is, that market is still small, but we see a steady uptick in VR users, which is great. The other is, that we have quite an expensive studio setup, which limits our possibilities to scale up. But here too, we are working on a simpler setup, which will allow much more models to stream in VR.

What is the next step in sextech in your opinion?

To be honest, I think it will take some time other technologies will reach mainstream, so it`s difficult for me here, to predict the future.

What future updates, features can we expect from AliceX?

As mentioned, two things we are working very heavily on is a cheaper studio setup and a better VR experience.


  1. Great experience! I was a model on this site and i loved it! It’s a great way to interact with the members. Try the VR experience!