Exclusive interview with Florian Tauber – VISIT-X

Exclusive interview with Florian Tauber – VISIT-X



First, I want to thank you for accepting the interview! Would you like to introduce yourself and your position and daily tasks at VISIT-X?

Hi, thank you and it’s my pleasure to have this interview with AW News. Congrats for this cool project, by the way – I like it very much!

My name is Florian, I am Head of Product Management and part of the Management Board. Since I started to work at VISIT-X ten years ago, I was part of several product launches and worked closely with our dev teams and the management.

Meanwhile my daily tasks are dealing with leading our model department, in order to prepare some big changes with our products and brand. As we all know, the models and studios are one of the key factors for this business and they assume an increasingly important role.

AW News’ audience is largely made from Romanian cam models and cam studios. In your opinion, how they can best fit in to your site which is mainly focused on the German market?

We already have a lot of Romanian models on our livecam platform and a lot of them are very successful. Of course, when you have at least some knowledge of the German language you can interact much more sophisticated with German customers. If not, you can compensate it with a very unique identity and authenticity. German livecam market is less about perfect super models sitting in a glossy styled motel room and more about real life women showing their personality in a real life environment. Most of the customers want to feel a true interaction, not the perfect body or a professional atmosphere.

On the other hand some of you might heard that German customers are very open to a lot of kinky stuff. So providing a special niche or fetish would be also a good thing to work up for your cam identiy on VISIT-X. But it’s important to be good at what you do and to meet the expectations of these customers. In any case we love to provide support and coaching for every model and studio that wants to improve business with us.

Following the thought process regarding your language specified traffic, how would you summarize the success of your presence at AW Summit in Mamaia, Romania?

Well, at first we are very happy to be a sponsor for this fantastic event. In 2016 we joined AW Summit for the third time in a row and it’s great to see the hard work and soul your team puts in this summit, making it even more impressive and professional from year to year.

As I said we are already working with Romanian models and studios for a long time, as well as with models and studios from Poland or Czech Republic for example. Nevertheless, we are very happy to make new contacts and expanding our brand recognition. Even though VISIT-X is operating since 1998 and we are doing a lot of international activities and partnerships, you can meet new people every year and it’s absolutely great to have an event like AW Summit in Romania.

In addition, we can meet a lot of professionals from the livecam business and discuss with representatives from other sites. There are several business opportunities for us, for example when we talk about our content API with that you are able to implement our german speaking models in your business cases. We are heading similar challenges and we like the idea of coopetition.

Visit-x.net is an amateur streamer community. From business point of view what are the main differences between amateur models and models who work from studios, getting professional training?

There are several thoughts on this. At first an amateur model doesn’t have the support from a studio and needs to build up everything by her own and finding out how it works. She needs to improve her skills by herself. She has to motivate herself and this can be very hard. That is, especially in the beginning of her career, a lot of stuff to handle. Of course we need to offer more help and build up a stronger relationship between a single model and VISIT-X. If the model works in a studio a lot of work is done by the studio and we have a more scalable process.

On the other hand this direct relationship gives us the opportunity to improve very different personalities and look how we can work together. In some cases a studio shapes their models in a very certain way and when you look at their profiles they don’t set apart very much. I’m not talking about the advantages of having a professional training. Professional behaviour in front of paying customers is a key to success. But in our case the customer makes his decision to step into the paid chat, while viewing the models profile. And he wants to see an authentic person and not an exchangeable look that we often see with models from studios. But in the end this is one of the many things needed to worked out in a partnership – it’s our daily business.

By the way VISIT-X isn’t just a premium livecam community, we are running a VISIT-X television channel on ASTRA satellite with different liveshows and model soaps based on our own productions. We have several other model based businesses and products around VISIT-X, beginning with selling your own videos and pictures sets, up to having paid phone calls or offering flirt chats. Also we are offering a lot of opportunities and tools to gain earnings with generating new customers as a livecam model or studio. We have optimized CMS for models as well. We are likely talking about a VISIT-X Universe than just about a single site.

What is your standing on new technologies, such as VR and teledildonics? This year was pretty much dominated by the hype around them. Will Visit-X as well jump on board, following this trend?

We are already on board with the new technologies. For example, we started to produce special 360 and VR content at the beginning of this year for our VISIT-X Premium TV channel. We even had some coverage in mainstream TV and public magazines about our productions as well. We clearly see several exciting business cases and improvements for our customers. We see some competitors experimenting with VR and we like what they do. Unfortunately I may not talk about the big things VISIT-X will set on fire within the next months.

Finally, what major updates, new features can we expect from your team soon?

This year our teams worked very hard on some real big changes. We will have major releases next year, and I can tell that everyone cannot wait to get online with them. 2017 will be a great year and we will see exciting things in the name of VISIT-X!


  1. Working on your own is a lot more difficult then it seems, it’s better to work with a studio because you receive a lot of benefits.