Exclusive interview with Frank Kok from Kiiroo

Exclusive interview with Frank Kok from Kiiroo


Kiiroo is definitely one of the most iconic products in the adult market. These high quality Internet enabled sexual toys were made for couples living separated, but of course it very quickly spread to the live cam scene as well. Multiple sites have already implemented their content and they also offer easy to install plugins for seamless use of it. This time we would like to ask Kiiroo’s Director of Sales, Frank Kok about his opinion on how their brand became so successful and how they continue on their path.

AW News: Thank you Frank for taking this interview with us. Could you tell us first a bit about your career and how you got into the adult business in the first place?

Frank Kok: After 15 years of experience within the financial industry I was ‘’forced’’ to change industries in October 2008 when Europe and the US were hit hard by the financial crisis. The first 5 years thereafter, I was part of one of Europe’s biggest distribution companies for sex toys. I contributed significantly in accelerating their growth within the adult industry internationally. From there, I worked for a German manufacturer, playing a major role in putting them on the global map in the industry. With special thanks to the significant roles I played in the aforementioned companies, I am proud to say that I have been blessed to have created such a strong network of contacts in the adult industry.

AW News: In our opinion, one of the strongest points of Kiiroo products is the fantastic design. This applies mainly to the toys but also the interface is very clean, slightly futuristic. What other advantages your product has compared to other similar ones on the market?

Frank Kok : To start, our toys are able to connect to other toys over the internet using a Bluetooth connection, which gives users a world of opportunities when it comes to experiencing intimacy online. Our toys can connect with content which includes Virtual Reality, webcam, video and games. The reason this sets us apart from similar products is partly due to the fact that our toys are touch controlled allowing for twoway contact across any distance. So, apart from the sleek, futuristic design of our products for twoway pleasure, Kiiroo is also the only maletomale pleasure product in the world.

AW News: For cam studios and models, using Internet enabled sexual toys, such as yours, mainly depends on if the cam sites they work on, have implemented the feature or not. Can they expect to be able to access Kiiroo on other platforms as well in the near future?

Frank Kok: Yes, we have implemented the Kiiroo technology on a number of our partners websites, allowing for users who already have an Onyx or a Pearl to experience intimacy with the camgirls or boys of their choice. One of Kiiroo’s newest and most exciting ventures is underway, and will provide a platform for a number of toys, Virtual Reality sites, cam sites, webcam sites and dating sites to all be compatible with one another using the Kiiroo technology. There will be more to come on this exciting new platform in a few months, so be sure to keep one eye open, this will be a site you don’t want to miss!

AW News: VR is definitely one of the biggest hypes right now in the adult industry and Kiiroo took this ride as well. However, VR starts to set its foot in the live cam business as well. This means that soon we can expect your products in live 360 streaming?

Frank Kok: The middle of next year we predict will be when you can expect our products to be live in 360 streaming.

AW News: Combining the two aforementioned technologies is surely something that will push the boundaries of video chat. In your personal opinion, what could be the next step after this that can make camming even more personal, more interactive?

Frank Kok: Well, we have some exciting new products lined up; new devices, and partnerships with other toy companies. These partnerships alone will give a whole new dimension to the camming industry to make it even more realistic and friendly for not only the users, but for the camgirls as well. Being able to have their favorite toys compatible with our technology will open up the market to give camgirls and users a wide range of opportunities.