Exclusive interview with Ricardo Morales from Stripchat

Exclusive interview with Ricardo Morales from Stripchat


We would like to thank you for accepting the interview! First off, please introduce yourself and your position at StripChat?

Hello my name is Rick Morales LatinAmerica Community manager

What would be the most important characteristics of the ideal host for StripChat ?

There are many characteristics, nevertheless there is one or two that are really important, such as always being able to help to our partners does not matter what is the time and day or occasion being available 24/7 is a must

Having a great connection with your partners is also a must, we sell a product an order to your partners to be able to sell your product they have to trust you and believe en you, so making a deep connection with them is highly important and this you can not just achieve it having product knowledge this is something that you born with

Of course product knowledge plays an important role as well, being update about what are the new trends in the cam industry is important, we can be let behind is the other way around we are trying to be ahead of everybody else and for this we have to provide the best technology and most friendly and easy to use platform for our users.

It`s already known that social media plays an important role in the evolution and popularity of a livecam performer. Do you have any advantages for models that are promoting themselves on social media and at the same time promoting your platform ? Are there any rules or penalties that performers should be aware of?

We know that social media plays an important role of the popularity of a model and taking this in consideration we are using our social media to promote our model and they can promote themselves with no limitation in their personal social medial tools as from our part they will have not penalty.

To be honest, about our penalties for our models we have just a few we try to have a friendly community in stripchat, this is based in trust and commitment from both sides

In the readers’ base of AWNews are studio owners and of course models. Which are the most important advantages offered by Stripchat to the models or studios that would make the difference in front of other sites?why they should join your community?

We have one of the newest technologies in the industry, we may came a bit late to the cam industry, but this does not mean that we are not good, actually I can say that our site is so well designed that it will take you just a few seconds to realize that that to use it is very simple and fast, as our site does not consume to many resources from your computer and your internet and I am sure this is very important for models and studios owners as they have to fight with this and find what site to broadcast with.

Do you consider implementing new technologies like virtual reality on Stripchat ?

Yes this is in our short term plans, we are trying to find the best options to broadcast with the best quality and technology this last one is very important part for stripchat, we are oriented to lead the industry with the best technology as we do have the best team to make this happen.

What future plans and tools can we expect from StripChat team ?

We are more focused now to make our platform more friendly user and fast to our users and one proof of this is the new implementation of the Stripchat app that is ready to download for Android users, this app it will give you the chance to broadcast from where ever you want with pretty good camera feed and quality

We will surprise our users on 2017 with more new features and functions in our site, we already have a long list that we are working hard to make it happen

Thank you