Even shopping carts are now “smart”. An Israeli company has launched one...

Even shopping carts are now “smart”. An Israeli company has launched one that immediately recognizes the products put into it.



Moreover, he charges the client, if he decides to buy them and goes out from the supermarket with those products in it. But there is also another side of the story. The “smart” cart learns a lot of personal data and customer shopping preferences. And that information goes to retailers.
The company that launched the “smart” shopping cart claims it offers a cheaper solution compared to “cashless” stores where installation of sensor networks and video cameras is needed. At the same time, this solution does not kidnap the client’s pleasure of “strolling” the carriage from one area to another, as in a classic supermarket.
However, still remains a big question about the protection of personal data. Private information on the material status and customer behavior is collected and transmitted to retailers.
If customers’ preferences are known, they may subsequently receive advertising or discount coupons for certain products. And this way, the consumer behavior can be influenced.
Representatives of the company said: “We know that, after the vegetable area, this guy use to go in the frozen products sector. So if we want to keep him in the store, we instantly send him a coupon for the wine area and we’re sure that after this detour to the wine, he’ll go to the frozen products area also. ”

Limor Shmerling Magazanik, director of the Israeli Institute for Technology Policies sais that “Perhaps this project is beneficial to people, perhaps it serves convenience but the confidential information remains. Remember that our shopping habits say a lot about us, you can draw some conclusions about a person depending on what they buy and what attitude they have towards consumerism. So there is a lot of sensitive information that needs to be protected”.