Does working on multiple sites pay off?

Does working on multiple sites pay off?


Many webcam sites offer different environments to work, on while aiming to provide several unique features. Due to their policy differences, it becomes absolutely important to research them a little bit, before making your choices. Consequently, based on your personality and desires you can pick between Premium sites and Freemium sites or even Free text chat sites.

Once you have decided which one will be your main working site, you can choose to log in on different platforms as well, as there will be a possibility to increase your earnings for a while. Having opened multiple chats programs can be a great way to get as many shows as possible. By following this strategy you will have the chance to compensate a poor income day from a specific site, by earning a larger amount than usual on different ones.

Although it may sound like finding El-Dorado, before choosing to work on multiple platforms, you need to really pay attention to the Terms of Services Agreement of each and every site.  You may find yourself in the situation when your account gets suspended or closed as you didn’t comply with their rules.

Working on multiple sites is a characteristic specific to people who are multitasking and who provide a high attention to the details. When you decide to step on this road, you need to really understand that having 3, 4 platforms running simultaneously, while only one of them enjoys your full attention, won’t bring you any benefits. But on contrary, the paying members who are active on the neglected platforms will tend to believe that you’re a disrespectful person who consciously ignores them, for instance. Under these circumstances, it will become ridiculously hard to increase your fan base. Yet, if you’re vivacious, sociable and organized person, with a sharp focus, you can definitely have the satisfaction of pleasing a larger pool of members on daily basis. (proving thus the contrary)

If you decide to be active on different platforms simultaneously, you should consider choosing those belonging to the same niche. For instance, mixing up freemium with premium sites won’t work at all, in fact, it may put in really odd situations, as their customers are totally different and have different needs. Even if you decided to work on Premium platforms, you have to be prepared for uncanny situations. Picture this example, you’re talking with a new guy, the conversation goes smoothly and he starts to like you, but out of the sudden, someone initialized a private chat on a different platform. In this case, you really need to move quickly, to apologize to the former one and to promise that you’ll both catch up soon. It may be the case that he won’t fancy the idea of being left on hold, but you need to fully concentrate on the latter one who already started to pay.

Moreover, is it highly important to plan each cam session, to observe how beneficial is for you to work with many sites, and to be able to draw some conclusions at last. Maybe on the short run, you’ll enjoy some peachy financial benefits, but after a while, you may get tired of focusing on multiple networks. In this case, if you already know your sites in depth, you’ll be able to ditch few of them and to focus on those which are the most suitable for you.

As a new independent model, it may be a good idea to start working on multiple sites, just enough to become acquainted with their features. It is worth mention that plenty of studies revealed that people can reach a high degree of satisfaction, followed by higher incomes, focusing only on one activity. If we extrapolate this theory to cam biz, it may be the case that working on a single site will turn out to be the right way. Also by looking at all performers famous for achieving sky-reaching incomes, we can reach this conclusion with a high degree of accuracy.