Discovering yourself as a woman by #girlsfromstudio20

Discovering yourself as a woman by #girlsfromstudio20


Being a cam girl certainly has its ups and downs, but you end up learning a lot from this line of work. You learn so much about different types of people, about each individual’s character, you learn about what makes people tick. But you also learn so much about yourself, as a woman, as a person, as a cam model.

Women in general, no matter their age, still learn and discover themselves. No matter how experienced you might be, life never stops teaching you. And as a woman, you need to learn everything you can about yourself, about what you like, what you enjoy, what makes you happy.

Being a cam model isn’t that different from real life. To be successful in this line of work, the best thing you can do is be the best version of yourself possible. And how do you do that? By discovering yourself as a woman. Cam modelling teaches you just that. It allows you to find out what you like, what you enjoy, what your fantasies and pleasures are. But more than that, it helps you evolve both personally and mentally.

Starting off as a new cam model

At first, you might be shy, you won’t have that confidence in front of a chat room filled with different people. You might say “I can’t do this” and give up from the start. Here’s your first lesson that cam modelling teaches you: get over your shyness. Even though it might be cute at first, being shy won’t get you anywhere. You’ll soon learn that most of the members online are searching for powerful women, for someone that can make them feel wanted, good about themselves.

With time your shy girl appearance will fade away, having both men and women acknowledge your beauty, your sexuality, will boost your confidence. And this is the second thing you will discover about yourself: how to have confidence.  You’ll learn to accept yourself for who you are, you’ll learn what your strengths are and embrace your flaws. You’ll realize that your freckles, your uneven breasts, your quirky voice and playful attitude are part of who you are and what makes you unique.

Another lesson that cam modelling teaches you is that everybody is somebody’s type. No matter how you look, no matter if you’re tall or petite, a BBW or slim figure, a brunette or a blonde, you will be someone’s type and there will be plenty of people who will appreciate you for how you are. Yes, there will be haters, but the real people that matter, your true members, will want to get to know you beyond your looks.

Learning what a cam model is

After you’ve learned how to get over your shyness and be confident, it’s time to learn how to make people feel the same. As a cam model, your job is to interact with people, listen to them, find solutions to their problems, make them feel good about themselves, be that ray of sunshine in their cloudy day.

This is the part where you discover yourself as a person. This is the part where you realize that your problems are none compared to what others have to go through. This is the time for you to be selfless, to be kind, genuine, to start caring about others.

Your members are people as well, with real feelings, real issues and lots of baggage and problems. Your job is to make them forget about their worries and have a good time. Be it either by talking with them, giving them advice, making them smile or by performing the best show you can for them.

You’ll find yourself connecting with people on a deeper level than you could have possibly imagined. You’ll realize that just by caring for someone and just by making them smile, you’ll feel better about yourself. To evolve in life as a woman first, you have to evolve as a human being. That means caring about your members in a way that, when you’ll see them thank you for talking to them, you’ll feel amazing. And at the end of the day, you’ll figure out that the money you made won’t matter anymore, the only thing that matters is the happiness they have in their eyes.

Discovering yourself as a woman

Creating connections with your members will not only make them feel better about themselves, but it will give you the opportunity to discover yourself as a woman. You’ll feel comfortable trying out new things, finding out what your sexual desires are. You’ll learn so much about yourself, from what arouses you, what gets you excited, to what type of toys you might enjoy while online and in your real life.

Once you get to this point, the shy girl will disappear, and you’ll become a woman, who knows her desires, knows what she likes, what fantasies she has and what to explore. By now you’ll know your body better than anyone, you’ll know what works, what attracts you. You will be able to have the confidence to ask for what you want, teach your members how to act so they turn you on, tell them your deepest desires.

Being a cam model will give you the strength you need to start embracing your sexuality instead of being ashamed of it. Be it straight, gay or bi, it won’t matter when you’re online. It will give you the chance to be truly yourself, to take that mask off and have the courage to try anything without hesitation. Once you’ve admitted to yourself that you’re a woman, once you’ve appreciated yourself for who you are and what your sexual needs are, then and only then you will truly discover yourself.

Who said cam models are just a bunch of girls sitting in front of a computer chatting and dancing got it all wrong. Cam models are real women, who know themselves better than anyone, who know what they want and are not afraid to admit it. And they’re still learning, still discovering themselves, still evolving to be the best version that they can be.