Developing your brand through vlogging

Developing your brand through vlogging


Creating a brand can be a very lucrative job, and without any doubts, it’s the kind of strategy, every successful cam girl should focus on. With the expansion of the online universe, all the marketing people have nowadays plenty of opportunities to promote a business, a product or even a public person with so much ease. Since the boom of written campaigns, many companies embraced the idea of blogging (even though it wasn’t quite an easy task), leaving aside vlogging strategies.

For people who don’t know what exactly vlogging means, it represents the sharing of video content on a regular basis to inform, to drive action from your customer base and to build trust with your fans. Hence, in this article, we will emphasize a cluster tips for amazing results, which will help you to make your video blog stand out of the crowd.

The first tip refers to the perfect understanding of your motives. When you start to create video content you need to focus on producing clips that are directly linked to your purpose as a company/brand.  Take time to understand why you are creating the content in the first place. If you have a clear image about why you’re sharing the video, it will become so much easier to assess its impact and to draw some conclusions.  Besides having a clear purpose, it is highly recommended to place a focus on the emotional aspect as well. People tend to appreciate more the content which doesn’t sound like an old school marketing propaganda, but more likely they want to see videos characterized by the presence of a large dose of originality.   

You should be aware that small achievements are better than nothing!  If you want to develop a real emotional impact through the recordings you are making, experts suggest focusing on 3 themes: specializing, reading and practicing, as following.

Reading implies knowing who your fans are and what makes them follow you. The more info you know about them, such as thoughts, passions, or needs, the higher the probability to publish content tailored for them.

Specializing refers to the moment when you have to limit with a precise focus your video content mass production, identify the proper niche, and highlight the reasons for creating it. This way your video campaigns will be directly linked to your particular desired audience.

Practicing and publishing regularly, the set of actions will help you obtain more effective ways of learning how it’s better to stimulate your audience and get feedback from it. Instead of trying to create every time flawless videos, it would better be to share the content and test what works and what doesn’t for your audience. Thinking of interesting new idea for any form of content sometimes can be easy, other times it might be pretty time-consuming, however, regardless the case, it is important to have a strong focus on every single video in order to gain any traction.

Experts propose creating diversified categories (create a few buckets) for your videos that will fall under. With sorted top of mind, you’ll be able to understand which topics belong to a certain category. Think of bucketing as a decisive indicative way to make sure each content idea is tailored on your vlog`s focus. At the same time, this diversification will also help you ensure the creation of a certain amount of videos across different types of subjects.

Another aspect that performers should be aware of is posting frequently or its “rhythm”. Posting on social media and how often might be one of the most frequent questions that everyone asks. For instance, some experts think that the proper time-frame would be once a week on YouTube, but since every model and her audience are different, this shouldn’t be taken it for granted all the times. Instead, this strategy should be used as a reference for learning about what viewers prefer and what would the ideal posting frequency.

Platforms like Youtube or Vimeo enjoy nowadays millions on visits on every single hour. Even though there are plenty of video creators on these networks, very few of them are cam performers, which represents a huge opportunity to create an important competitive advantage in the business.