Codebabes gets a lot of bash but it enjoys it

Codebabes gets a lot of bash but it enjoys it


Codebabes, the soft adult education service promises its users to teach them programming in a fast and kinky way. Since its recent launch, the website gained a lot of negative publicity, but at the same time it seems, that their business model works when it comes to the number of users. Apparently, sex sells.

The idea itself is not entirely new, as in the past, sites like Hot Tech Today also tried to sell otherwise dry educational services with hot girls. There is nothing surprising in this, as in marketing most people already know that anything sells better with a beautiful woman. Whether it is a car, after shave, or toothpaste advertisers always like to use this tactic.

Codebabes is a new website, where users can choose from different programming language courses. They can choose a “virgin” for each course and watch educational videos, where the girls teach them the given material. After each course, the user must answer a set of questions, to verify his knowledge. If passed the test, the sexy instructor removes one piece of clothing for the next course.

As the creators of the web site say, they want to turn sexual desire into a motivational tool which gets customers to the next level fast. Their philosophy page openly admits the site’s purpose as well: “We go fast, each lesson is a quickie, we’re pretty sure you won’t mind re-watching them :), pause it when it gets too fast, or…. ya know, FAP.“

Of course, many people are outraged by the idea of objectifying women in this way, especially in the tech industry, where they are already facing great inequality between genders. They fear, that such services will just strengthen the concept, that the IT sector is a place only for men, and women may only have roles there as “sexy instructors”.

Also, several coding communities have pointed out, that the quiz questions themselves often make no sense.

For sure we will not judge Codebabes, and in fact, they are kind of basking in this negative popularity. From the beginning, they were prepared for this backlash, but as they stated, within 2 days, they have streamed 9.2 TB of educational material. So again, whether some people like it or not, hot babes sell good.

On a side note, some people are already focusing on a more formal approach against Codebabes by boycotting them and encouraging people to support projects that encourage women to work in the IT sector. Others see the way in making a satire out of the whole website.

In any case, Codebabes asks everyone, not to take them too seriously, and in fact, many people are still wondering if this is just a joke or not. What is sure, based on the production value of the videos, it is hardly only a prank.