Camming-through lens of a cam boy

Camming-through lens of a cam boy


At the first glance, most of the heterosexual men may not fancy the idea of being or becoming a webcam male performer since a very important part of their audience is formed by single male users, although there is a significant probability to perform for women as well, male performers have to accept the idea of performing for homosexual and bisexual men.

Just like in the case of the female performers, spending some time in free chat, will give you the opportunity to practice your flirting skills which are extremely important to get your clients turned on just enough to make them get into a private session.  As a webcam performer is extremely important for you to increase your fanbase and to maximize the conversion rate by turning them from visitors into spenders. Moreover, it would be highly indicated to make your audience fantasize about how are you looking without any clothes on and in the same time having your attention.

Despite their sexuality, men have the habit to be more stimulated by what they see, comparing to women, as a consequence building a catchy image will turn out to be very profitable for most of the male performers.

Most of the time you have to keep in mind that being a webcam performer includes most of the responsibilities specific to any other job, therefore you should prove a certain degree of commitment. When you perform, you should think of yourself as an actor on stage who creates an adorable and interesting character, since mentioning your sexual preferences or orientation might be something that your customers would consider it a turn off. In addition, some customers can even claim that they can satisfy your needs more than a woman can do which is definitely another important aspect you should keep in mind, and to use it for your own advantage!

Some other aspects of straight men that are performing for gay men comes up from the moment your visitors are going in a private session with you and they want to have a cam to cam experience, which is something that can help you develop a constructive long lasting connection and also creates the sensation of really getting into a moment of treasure with them.

It might sound a bit tricky, but your job is to be a vivacious and delicious live entertainer and you have to put special endeavor to perform convincingly, in order to satisfy all your customers. If you are one of those guys who is losing his mood while watching other guys doing their thing, it`s alright, as long as you remember and reconsider the financial rewards which might motivate you and which will surely bring enthusiasm back to you again.  In our times, being a webcam boy proves to be ridiculously profitable, thus your attitude regarding your clients should reflect that in such way that they will feel satisfied with your company and you’ll be delighted by peachy commissions.

From a specialist point of view, as a cam model, you have to respect some criteria to become successful: to have a very well built body, to have a nice appearance and it’s also very important to have nice and charming personality. Moreover, a smart guy always creates strategies to attract the visitors to achieve their goals , and always remembers that getting into modeling world can make him turn all his sweetest dreams into reality.

Like in the case of the female, webcam male market turns out to be very lucrative too, maybe even a bit more compared with the first one.  Top male performers benefit from the same quality user attention as most famous female models, in conclusion having the possibility to earn as much as the top female performers or even much more since the women market is more saturated at this time then cam boys’ one.  As long as you get involved in what are you doing, and as long as you put enough effort to increase your performance, the  possibility to convert and retain  clients will tremendously grow.

It has to be a priority for you to greet your visitors from the moment when they come into your free chat. From the moment when visitors come to your freechat, greeting them should be your key priority because just from the first instance, your friendly attitude as a host can persuade a member to sneak into your private chat.



  1. The personality is the first thing a member will notice and that is the reason they will come back to you. The body is also important but I have found out that it’s not that important.