CamGirls secrets: from guests to members by Ivy Bluesky

CamGirls secrets: from guests to members by Ivy Bluesky


Hello there! My name is Ivy Bluesky and I’m a cam girl. I’m new in webcam industry, but I’m a very fast learner. In only 6 months of caming, I’ve learned and applied some rules and methods to engage with guests and make them my members.


My advice to you is to talk as much as you can. Even if they are silent at first, you will say something that will trigger a reaction. Talk about the weather, about sports or cars… Talk about the Universe if you run out of ideas. Don’t be afraid to say something stupid because guest will react to mistakes too. Of course, you should do a little research about things you want to talk with your guests.

Don’t show too much in free chat

Right from day 1, your chat will be bombarded with “show ass”, “show boobs”, “flash nipple”. Always keep in mind that patience is a gift and don’t pay too much attention to showing anything on your free chat. You can always write on paper the word boobs, ass, nipples and show it to the guests.

Tease, but don’t exaggerate

Give the guests a little taste of what they can have is they become members. Dress in sexy not very revealing clothes, put your sexy playlist and show your dancing/teasing skills. Make them want you and then stop before the song is over. They’ll most likely come back for more.

Play funny games

Have a spinning while adding some balloons and darts, you can even play poker (just remember to take the clothes off only in private).


For those of you who can, don’t be afraid to use your voice! Remember that you must entertain your guests. Ask randomly for a favorite song and do a little karaoke.

Change your outfits

Keep in mind that men, in general, get bored really easy so you will always have to put and give your best and always have a plan B, C, D…Z. Changing outfits is a pretty damn good idea for a plan B.

Always have a positive attitude

Ha! Lucky number 7 – I think this is the hardest must do of them all because of PMS. Just kidding. Here it depends on every girl’s personality and patience. Just so you know, a positive mindset will get you throw those hard times.

Share true life stories

Change just time and location for your own safety and confidentiality reasons, but share your most interesting stories with your guests. Give them the feeling that they can get close to you.

Talk to all the guests, everyone with the same respect.

Some people are there just because they want to talk with someone. If you only have money on your mind, you won’t be very popular among your chat list.


Maybe you won’t become a stand-up comedian, but the sense of humor always attracts people. Imagine a great guy that makes you laugh all the time. We all fall for that, right? Same rules apply for your guests.

Develop special skills or improve those “you” possess

You want to train and learn how to do a perfect split or a backflip. Add some dance classes and learn a choreography. It’s a win-win situation because you’ll keep your guests entertained and keep you in shape.

Talk to them on your social media platform and always keep your content up to date

Reply to your messages on your social media but don’t do it too much because they will never come back in your chat room.

Act like a party hostess

Try to imagine yourself owning a big mention, having a party and a lot of people coming to it. You won’t know anyone, but you are in the mood for making friends. Simple as a popular girl in high school.

Ask questions about their life 

Always ask a lot of questions all the time. Simple questions like favorite color, zodiac sign, the color of their eyes, favorite place on Earth, get creative.

Keep notes 

Some members like to play so they will appear as guests just to play with you. By taking notes, it will be easier to recognize and surprise that member. He will love that, and it will make your relationship better.

Make exclusive social media content as rewards

Set “mini-traps” or mini awards for guests who convert into members. Keep them in separate folders with their names so you won’t send the same picture twice.

Challenge them

Apply various strategies. Play with their ego –  guests want to be attractive to you physically. Many worry about their looks and whether women will find them attractive or not. Discuss the money issue – not many guests are the “big whales” but everyone must pay their bills somehow. Make the guests understand that camming is your job but at the same time you understand their problems. Make them jealous – when a member is taking you in private, your guests will become jealous and they will make up their minds faster.

Treat guest like a future member

Guest doesn’t have a pay account. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Don’t apply to his request of showing parts of your body, but instead discuss aspects of his / their life and build something from there. Pay attention to his problems and give good advice, but at the same time make him understand that for you this is a job and you have bills to pay too.

Make the guest curious about your privates 

Talk in your free chat about your fantasies and your most erotic wishes. What turns you on. Make the stories real because it will really turn you on and give a little erotic flavor to your conversation. Basically, the secret is to maintain a vivid imagination without showing any part of your body.

The perks of being a member

A member is much easier to remember. You can exchange pictures and messages all the time. Even in your free days is much easier to keep in touch with members. This means that your relationship is much closer. 

Those are just a few tips that I learned. But I think they are the basic that you need to use. Remember: webcam world is an evolving business and, as an entertainer, you must adapt to every possible change. Keep yourself informed and always stay on top of the situation.

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