Cam Life Magazine Publishes Second Issue Featuring Little Red Bunny, Livia Choice...

Cam Life Magazine Publishes Second Issue Featuring Little Red Bunny, Livia Choice & More!


VENICE, CA – And as the cam industry continues to expand at a meteoric rate, so does the coverage. Last October Bender Cain and Craig Palethorpe quietly introduced a new lifestyle and business magazine for the live web cam community called Cam Life.

After a wildly successful first issue print run, Cam Life has returned with a second issue highlighting the best of the adult webcam community. The new issue features Little Red Bunny, Livia Choice, Daphny Meyer, Scarlett Zaine, Jason Crush, Molly Joly, Ethan Joy, Megan Kroft, and more!

“Once considered a niche community, webcam performers have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years,” explains Bender Cain, the magazine’s co-creator. “Whether because of internet piracy or simply because they can work literally anywhere, more and more performers are turning their talents to webcamming, connecting directly with fans worldwide and rapidly growing their brand.”

Cam Life publishes weekly content online as well as a quarterly hard copy in print of the magazine. Issue one, which featured Natalie Star, Aubrey Nova, and Devious Angel, shattered sales expectations with over 11,000 copies sold, pushing the new publication to go even bigger for the second issue.

“We here at Cam Life magazine would like to thank all of our supporters around the world,” says Cain. “We especially want to thank Mugur Frunzetti and Andra Chirnogeanu of Studio 20. Without their support there would be no Cam Life Magazine. We hope to inspire you as you have inspired us.”

Get your copy of Cam Life Magazine now, depending on your preferences: Digital copy or Print copy.

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