Cam girls are not sex workers by #girlsfromstudio20

Cam girls are not sex workers by #girlsfromstudio20


SESTA bill was issued by the USA government to clarify the country’s sex trafficking laws, to make it illegal to knowingly assist, facilitate or support sex trafficking. This comes in an era where sex has become so easy to buy, just like going to the grocery store or rather yet, just like ordering the grocery online. But, like many other bills, a good idea turned into a problematic law.

The bill, unfortunately, is not at clear on what sex work means and somehow, online adult industry and even live cam industry might be on the wanted list. The lack of knowledge about the different niches of webcam modeling has turned what could have been a positive thing for society and something that could have actually help stop sex trafficking, into a beat around the bush where everyone in the live cam industry that tries to post ads, look for jobs, ask for help, share resources and even do their job, has to resort to going around the law in ways that are actually detrimental to the whole concept.

We, the #girlsfromstudio20 and the #guysfromstdudio20 don’t consider the SESTA/FOSTA bill necessarily bad, as we can see where it comes from and the positive influence that it might have if written correctly. What harms us most is not having a clear separation between the sex work, the niches of adult work and live cam.

Camgirls and cam boys are not sex workers and should not be considered sex workers. They don’t sell sex. According to Webster’s Dictionary, sex is considered the physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies. Cam work has nothing to do with one on one live physical interaction as the whole action happens online via webcam. And, most of the times, this webcam interaction does not include any kind of adult content.

But now it’s time we help ourselves and we do our own self-regulation to make sure SESTA will not affect us. Today, most live cam sites have no clear and strong rules against solicitation and exchanging personal information like LiveJasmin does. Therefore, cases of models meeting up with members have been known to happen more than once. That, from our point of view, is the source of potential problems. That’s why we work exclusively with Jasmin, a premium site that protects us and our models against both members and the girls who solicit.

The #girlsfromstudio20 and #guysfromstudio20 are known for adopting the glamour niche, for concentrating more on building a mutual respect relationship with their members and not one based on virtual sex and that’s what Studio20 stands for. “Sexy therapists” or “Your best friend”, they are not only beautiful people to look at but also have an amazing amount of empathy and understanding for the people that they talk to via webcam.

In the last 5 years, Studio20 has been concentrating on the glamour and non-nude categories, trying to change the game and empower the models, investing finding interesting young people that don’t need to resort to meeting up with people in real life and subjecting themselves to risks just to make money.

The SESTA/FOSTA law that has just passed hurts as it’s not clear enough, as they didn’t take the time to care about the performers at all. What the live cam industry needs, is a clear separation from sex work and no more foggy rules, that people can work around, creating a bad name and now, a legal issue for us all.