Business Man of the year, Shay Efron, talks about livecam industry...

Business Man of the year, Shay Efron, talks about livecam industry and not only


Everybody knows that you won at AW Awards 2016 The Business Man of the year award. How does it feel?

I’m honored by this award and want to thank all that voted for me. Like many other people in this industry I worked hard in order to enlarge the business and it’s nice to get such appreciation for it, not really more than that.

Can you tell me more about your VP role and your attributes at ImLive?

I’m in charge of our marketing department, media buying, and business development, and manage it together with other talented people, Like Oren – the director of affiliates and sales, in order to provide our affiliates all they need in order to promote our webcam brands successfully, and in constant efforts to build new business opportunities & deals for the company. Part of my job is also to be in contact with every 3rd party company and business partners who gives us any kind of services or cooperation.

What are your plans for the company going forward?

The company is on constant growth, from getting more affiliates/webmasters who promote our own brands like,,,, and more, especially with the new ‘Golden Bars Robbery’ Campaign we launched few days ago in our affiliate program; Pussycash…and from getting new business cooperation with big adult companies and network of sites for dipper integrations cooperation’s, and obviously we have our White-Label’s generator;, that gives our Affiliates the ability to create their own webcam sites in min’, on their own domains, niche’s, design and desired languages that provide constant growth to the company as well.

We’re also working on new sites, features and abilities – that will help us one of the most innovative webcam company in the adult industry.

Why should future models choose to work on ImLive?

Imlive is well-established company, we’ve been in the business for 14 years and still innovating.

Models will earn more per hour as a webcam host on our platforms due to our high user value. Models can broadcast anywhere anytime from their own mobile devices, and also can take their money whenever they want, through our Instant cash out feature; ImLive-Cash-Express. We have No Chargebacks policy for models that secure their hard-work payment at any case. We’re providing tons of tools & features specifically designed to help the models to get exposure, build their client base & retain their client base increase their earnings. Models can make with us 30% – 100%! Models commissions, with 24/7 CS and special Imlive Models-Representative who will be available for every little question or help request.

How did you see the videochat industry 5 years ago and what will it look like 5 years from now?

 I would say that 2 things happened, all due to the extreme technology progress over the last years;

  1. Core-product related issues like streaming quality, 1st mobile webcam products, diff’ business model like tips based rooms & many2one shows that created new type of highly successful webcam sites, localizations of product for specific Geo’ oriented users, Auto White-Label’s generators that allows affiliates to create their own webcam min-sites, and more…
  2. Many cool features had being added, like VR, remote controlled sex toys, the ability for models to project their shows from their mobile devices, better & smoother payment options on sites, including local alternative billing solutions and more…

I believe that all the features I’ve mentioned above will get better due to the constant tech’ development. I think we will also witness at least 1 additional business model that will join the already existed ones; ‘per-min’ & ‘freemium’ business models, and new cool features by the leading webcam Companies, like much improved VR rooms, other features that will allow better & faster communication between the models and the guests and much more.

Do you have any advises for other people from the industry, how can they reach the success as you did?

 I must be honest and say that I don’t see myself as a “success story” yet, but can give the below tip for everyone interested of listening:  “Understand better, know well, work hard in order to get it done,don’t forget to improve, to listen & learn from your colleagues & competitors, and remember to love your job and enjoy Doing it…”