Body awareness-a lesson of attitude by Selena Martinez

Body awareness-a lesson of attitude by Selena Martinez


selena-martinezBeing body conscientious is a drag in a society that promotes girls that look like supermodels. I’ve been a skinny girl until a few years ago when oh..well, birth control pills, bad diet, stress and the lack of exercise and sleep, turned me in what some people consider me  “a big girl”. Yet, I consider myself as being curvy, sexy, hot! But I do see how people look at me when I walk down the street, how girls stare and judge me for having a big booty, the way that men stare at me because I wear clothes which accentuate my body shapes.

I used to work as a journalist and apparently, everywhere I went, people looked at me in a funny way, or didn’t take me seriously because I had the courage to embrace my curvaceous sexuality. Even though I was great at doing my job and I loved what I was doing, they still couldn’t get over the fact that I was a little bigger, more sexier, more out there.. too sexy for a journalist.

So I thought to myself “What sorts of jobs can I do so that I can be myself and also make money?”. So I became a cam model.

c_t5favw0aajfzhI always thought that cam models were skinny, with big boobs and legs for days, girls that look flawless which I couldn’t stand a chance to be one of them. At the beginning of my camming career, I was so body conscientious, so aware of my flaws, or how the cellulite looks or even that damn stretch mark that just wouldn’t go away, even if I used all the body creams in the world. However, after a few weeks, I realized that being so concerned about my body shape, made me look uncomfortable and unfocused, that`s why  I tried to get relaxed about this matter by starting to wear my favorite outfits, doing my colorful make-up..and being myself, loving myself (yes, pun intended). After changing my way of thinking and accepting my body as it was, I began to earn money which means that people loved me for what I was. I laughed, I had fun and I still have.

I am lucky that the adult industry is full of real people who are looking for naturalness, who are tired of that perfect girl with her flawless skin. Obviously, I take care of my body, but now I’ve learned to take care of my soul too. I might be overdoing it from time to time, but it’s me. At the end of the day, I love my curvaceous body, my big booty!  Who says I can’t wear a form fitting dress or something that is stretched on my body? Not me. And the ones that judge people for how they look are simply mean people. In my view, the nosy judgmental people who are tagging others based on how they look are showing a lack of respect to society

We are all beautiful the way we are, even if we have a little floppy skin or even if we have to jump to get into our jeans, enjoying an occasional steak and beer makes us normal human beings.  That’s us! Don’t let anyone’s insecurities to make you doubt about/of your own beauty!



  1. You go girl!
    I’ve been made fun of all my life for being a short girl.
    Being confident is the most important thing in the world!

  2. Thank you Selena for for bringing this up and I agree totally. Being 10 years around and having friends all around who are from slim to curvy, from small to large boobs I can prove that attitude, the way to talk and “body awareness” is the most important. The beauty may lay in details but it is the way you tramsmitt feelings/emotions it to those who enjoy it making the different. I hope this encourage a lot performer to not hunt for the perfect body, but for the perfect way of being.