Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging tips for beginners


Blogs have always been a great way to express your thoughts, to share important aspects of your life while creating an online community. In the same manner, blogs can help cam performers create a stronger long-lasting bond with their fans, or even to increase their fanbase.  

Nowadays setting up a blog is quite an easy task. For instance, once you decided to get on this road, you’ll discover that you actually don’t need any specific coding knowledge to create your own blog.

First of all, you need to decide whether your blog will feature NSFW content, or PG rated one. This aspect will influence the choice of a hosting provider since some of them are not suitable for publishing adult content.   

Fortunately, there is a wide gamma of hosting companies that you can pick from to create your adult content tailored blog. You can take a look at some of most the notorious companies such as,,, or However, if you choose to create a blog without adult naughty photos, then you should go for Bluehost. All of these hosting companies offer options like domain registration, storage backups, anti-spam security and WHOIS protection.

Then you should consider your budget or the financial preferences. If you think to stick to free blogging platforms, check out WordPress, Blogger or Wix. They all have really nice themes, and they are very user-friendly which will enable you to work on them with so much ease. Even so, we strongly recommend you going for a self-hosted blog, as it gives you a full control over your content. Moreover, it gives you the chance to have your own custom domain name.

The million dollar question is how can you derive financial benefits from your blog? Luckily, nowadays there are many answers to this question, and we will point out few of them. For starters, you can sell some of your content, either directly on the blog by adding an offline tip button or an inquiry, or by posting a link to a site designed for such transactions. Promote your blog on social media, to ensure a constant traffic. Once you’ll reach a stable traffic on your blog, you can enclose a banner ad which can bring you some money every time when people click on it. Also, you can use your blog to sell some of your items like clothes and panties, for example. Furthermore, you can take advantage of your blog to post promo offers or to schedule special dates with regular members.    

However, before expecting to derive any social or pecuniary benefits from your blog, you must aim to make it more accessible to the public. Hence, it is indicated to pay a little bit of attention to SEO strategies. Also, another productive way to increase your awareness is by providing interesting content that will actively engage your visitors and will determine them share it. 

Blogs can work very well if they are connected to several other social media channels. They can be an important piece of the puzzle when you aim to have the perfect online presence, and they can help you wisely manage your fanbase. Blogs work fantastically when you share your genuine inner thrills, a fact that will help you to strengthen any relationship with your fans while earning money passively.