Being productive online by #girlsfromstudio20

Being productive online by #girlsfromstudio20


If you think being a cam girl is easy, you’re in for a surprise. Besides spending long hours online, trying to please different people, making sure you’re the right girl for many characters, sometimes you get bored, run out of ideas of what to do or what to say, and you feel like your day is going so damn fast that you just want to say: “nope, no more, I’m done for the day”. But you realize that you need to finish your hours and you end up spending time online being sad, unsatisfied, bored and members can feel that.

Here are some tips and tricks from our very own #girlsfromstudio20 of what to do when you want to have a more productive day online.


Start your day well. The most important thing is to start your day with a good attitude and an amazing vibe. Drink your favorite coffee, have some lunch, drink some natural juice. This will amp up your energy and will work wonders on your mood. If you can, work out a bit before coming online, that way your body will be full of endorphins and you’ll feel more energized and have a more positive feeling in your body.
Put on some makeup. Even if you’re not in the mood to do your makeup, seeing yourself in the mirror after you do it, will make you feel more beautiful, more confident and you will feel ready to conquer the online world. You can even spray some nice perfume to get you into a sexy mood.
Tidy up your room. We all know that an amazing looking environment will make you feel better. So, make your bed, put some fluffy pillows on it, make it worthy of a princess and you will want to ruin those sheets with your members in no time.
Make a sexy mood. Light up some candles put on some sexy music that turns you on, think of your time online as a date. Put on some sexy lingerie, dance on your sexy music, make your members want you more and more. You’ll love the attention you’ll get when they see you in the mood, it will turn them on.


Listen to your favorite music. Sometimes tease music isn’t doing anything for your mood. If you’re having a bad day, listening to what others want, won’t change a thing. So, put on your favorite kind of music, don’t tease, just dance the way you want to, have a good time, have fun and it will get better. Once the members see you’re having fun, they will want to join you.
Listen to stand-up comedy. If I’m in a bad mood, sometimes jokes cheer me up. Listening to stand-up comedy gets me going every time. If you know you’re that type of girl that enjoys making members their friends, then why not have fun with them like this. Everyone enjoys funny things and your members will appreciate the change of scenery, something different than the plain old listening to music and dancing.
Know your qualities. Be it an amazing voice, great dance skills, the ability to listen to people and give good advice, know your forte. Take advantage of what you know to do best, use these qualities, make your members aware of them and they will want to spend more and more time with you.
Body parts and sexuality. We all have those body parts that we love about ourselves, so make them look good every time. Make your members see and appreciate what your momma gave you. If you love your lips, put on some red lipstick and make them juicy, if you love your boobs, put on a push-up bra, if you love your ass, dance in front of the camera. Members will love that. Find your inner sexiness and rock their world.


Get into character. If you’re a good actress and you love role playing, embracing a different character from time to time is an amazing thing. It will spice up your room, it will make you have a different attitude, be it powerful or silly, members will love to see different sides of you.
Take care of your body. We all know that being a cam girl doesn’t give us much time to have a personal life. So, take advantage of the time online and work out. Do some yoga both for your body and for your mind. Workout a bit, let the members see you’re active, flexible, in shape. Most of them love to see you sweat.
Smoking. This is one of the most common fetishes that members have. So, if you’re a smoker, get your hands on an electronic cigarette and smoke. But make sure to make it sexy, play with your tongue, play with the smoke, make them want you and your mouth.
Toys. If you like using toys and you want members to see you use them, show them off. Ask them which one they like the most, which one they want to see you use. Most certainly one of them will come in private to see you play with your amazing toys.


Talking about your issues. Keep in mind that your members are people as well. Listening to their issues is part of your job. But it can go both ways. Tell them when you’re having a bad day, make them listen to your issues as well, they will see you’re a human being and they will listen to you, give you advice. This is the best way to create your regular members that just want to talk with you. And it’s an amazing way to let off some steam.
Playing games. What better way to create a fun mood in your chat room other than playing games with your members. Truth or dare is the best one for this. Ask your members to ask you questions about yourself or do some fun dares. It’s an amazing way to pass the time, have fun, but always remember not to take your clothes off for free.
Have some fun. Let your inner child come through, be silly if you like, jump around in your bed, do some funny lip sync to your favorite songs, tell some jokes, make fun of your messy hair. Just try to have some fun, no matter what crazy things you do.
Choosing outfits with your members. They will always want to see you wear whatever they want. So why not take the time online to change into an outfit of their choice. Show them what outfits you have and ask them to choose one and change on camera. Zoom in on your face and strip without them seeing anything. They will go crazy and most certainly someone will take you to private and see you like that.