Be different to stand out from the crowd

Be different to stand out from the crowd


Camming has been a very lucrative job for years, however as the time passed, more and more models started to work as cam performers, leading to an income average decrease. Even so, there are many models that handle this situation very well, earning huge loads of money despite the fierce competition.

Like in every business the success is the result of hard work, huge efforts and the ability to differentiate your product/brand from the others. This differentiation can take many “shapes” such as quality, price and unique features, designed to satisfy the customers’ needs, and camming industry doesn’t make any exceptions! 

The price a model charges can be seen as a differentiation element, but it is a real two-edged sword technique. If a model charges less, it would be easier to get viewers but the difference based on pricing can lead to poor results. For example, if a model reduces the price enough, others will decrease their rates as well. Thus it won’t be a sustainable strategy to become successful. A more fruitful idea would be to try to differentiate yourself in terms of quality. Depending on what customers are looking for, you can find your own niche and perform some certain fetishes or special shows. Some members may be interested in squirting while others might be looking for femdom, financial domination, or for exploring a fantasy world. Provide people with what they need, consequently, you’ll enjoy plenty of positive members’ reviews and a higher position of the site rankings.

One of the impetuous elements that you should dare to value is your personality. Successful models have unique personalities, a simple fact that delights members. You should acknowledge that regular users are not interested only in the way you look, but on the contrary, they are fascinated by your inner qualities too. They like to talk with girls who have real emotions and who transmit positive or genuine feelings.  Revealing the true self can help you create a strong and long-lasting relationship with your fans, based on trust, respect, and empathy.

If you really want your looks to get noticed, then you should pay close attention to a series of aspects. You should take good care of your hair, makeup or clothes. Also, you should consider working on sites where the appearance constitutes an advantage. For example, users from the Asian countries tend to have an affinity for Caucasian performers. Consequently, performing on an Asian site can be very profitable, since you won’t face a large competition, and your ethnicity may be quite an important advantage.

Moreover, every model should be aware of cultural barriers and overcome them. It’s worth mentioning that the sense of attraction for a person, food or other object is influenced by the cultural heritage of an individual. For example, if in some country slender girls are the proper benchmark for sexiness, in some African countries “fluffy” women are seen as more appealing the slender ones. Also, if in the Western countries having tattoos may represent a cool feature, in Asian countries like Japan, tattoos correlated with the nexus to a gang, making thus inked performers less appealing.  Thus you can use your distinctive features again to create a nice impression after you previously done a brief research of the potential online audience.   

To conclude, there are many factors you should consider when you tackle a new site or when you want to stand out of the crowd, but the most important ones are the originality and the will to prospect your fanbase. Just remember that, in a world where anybody wants to look like everyone else, being disruptive is the key to success!