AW Campus – AW Media’s newcomer

AW Campus – AW Media’s newcomer


Here at AW Media we always try to find new ways to connect people even better within the live cam biz. This time we decided that, we do something especially for those on whom the whole domain is built, the models themselves. The result was crazy and fun.

7-9 October, the AW Media team has turned the otherwise relaxing scenery of the Brasov area in the Romanian mountains to a place full of laugh, excitement and competition. AW Campus, the newest brand in the family was a 2 days long competition between 6 live cam studios’ 24 models. The goal was simple, through various challenges, earn the most points, thus getting your studio to the top position of the contestants.

There were three main challenges, each of them required different skills from the girls, but in all of them, the emphasis was on teamwork, succeeding or failing together.

The first challenge was an obstacle course in a forest adventure park. Various physical games were waiting for the girls, from climbing, through zip-line, to bungee ropes. In order to succeed, they had to help and encourage each other, and to get to the finish line together.14700929_569487499918081_4883755159423916875_o

The second trial was more focused on communication and persuasion, as models had to invent an own product, then within a makeshift product presentation they had to convince the audience to buy their products, just like they were real life entrepreneurs. Needless to say, it was funny as hell as girls tried to improvise their crazy ideas.

The final challenge was a scavenger hunt on ATVs. Pairs had to roam the forest on four wheels, looking for clues in the woods and making photos as proof that they have found the locations. Because of the typical autumn weather in the mountains, of course it was rather a dirt ride, but obviously the models really enjoyed it.

And of course at the end of the event, the team announced the winners of the contest at a huge bonfire, where people could celebrate their victory and have fun together for a last time before everyone returned to her hometowns.

All in all, it was something new, that no one did before, but we though it worth a try, and it succeeded. Studios and models tend to compete with each other, now it was time to do it on different grounds, but at the same time finding new friends within the domain, or making old friendships even deeper. For sure, AW Campus was a success and has a worthy place in the group of our projects, so stay tuned for the next edition.


  1. The video is really funny if you look at the faces before it they get onto the quads. I would like to know how the nice sneakers looked like after the mud? :)))))))