Amazon presents a new feature to improve product discovery

Amazon presents a new feature to improve product discovery


Amazon has launched a brand new tool called, Amazon Spark. It was designed to improve the discovery of the products, by using almost the same strategy as Instagram and its feature of “shoppable “ photos.

Just like in the Instagram’s case, Amazon Spark encourages the users to post ideas, images, or stories of products they love, and at the same time, it determines other users to react with comments and smiles.  The purpose of this new feature is to switch some of the social activity around products taking place off-site back to Amazon.

With this tool available nowadays, Amazon can be seen to a certain extent as a competitor for Pinterest. However, since the actual format of this service is a feed-style interface, the comparison with Instagram is more legit.

To start using Amazon Spark, you have to download the Amazon mobile app, as there is no desktop version at this time. Once the account is setup, you will be asked to select minimum 5 interests you want to follow. Based on this information, the app will create a feed of products, ideas, and imagery that will be related to the things you like to shop.

The interests may vary, and usually they match with the Amazon’s own popular products categories like technology, fitness, books etc, but of course, there can be found plenty of specific niches for cam girls as well.

After you completed the setup, by adding all the required details, you’ll enjoy a heavy feed of products and stories. When a photo contains a product that Amazon sells, a shopping bag icon will be displayed in the right corner at the bottom of it. Moreover, the Spark will provide users with the exact number of items that are available for sales, from that specific pictures.

The first users were extremely happy about this new tool. They believe that Amazon Spark makes online shopping more interactive and more fun. They claimed that combining elements of social media networks with a large shopping portal will lead on one hand to a higher customer satisfaction, and on the other hand it will give the feeling of being part of a large online community.

Unfortunately, at this point, Amazon Spark is only available for IOS, which may be seen quite as a downside, as many people using different OS systems may like to try a totally different shopping experience.