A small talk with Cam Girl of the Year: SuperbBianca

A small talk with Cam Girl of the Year: SuperbBianca


Let us start with how glad we are that you will attend our event. Did you imagine years ago that one day people will want to know your secret of success? How does this attention feel to you?

First of all let me say how glad I am that I will attend to your event! I never expected to be such a successful chat host so I guess I still don’t realize it ! I feel lucky with all the attention  that I get especially because it’s my work and I do it with passion even if sometimes it seems too much, it’s overwhelming. What I like the most is the way I make others feel around me!

For you as a chat host, why is it important to visit events, such as AWSummit? 

For me, as a chat host, it’s really important to visit events such as AWSummit. Why? Because at AWSummit I can see the other part of the business, no more computers, no more webcams but real people. At the same time I can always learn something new, it’s a chance to improve myself, a chance to learn from the best.

Every girl and boy prefers different websites to work on. In your opinion, what are the key elements that make you love or avoid a site?

I agree! Every chat host has a favorite  website to work on. It’s like you go to an interview, applying for a job that you want. You want to  make a good impression and once you get hired you give your best to succeed and bring benefits to the company  that you are  working for. So it’s important that the company gives you the necessary support and  the gratitude for your work. Once the connection is created, you should feel a part of it,  should feel like “home”.

Cam models encounter a lot of stress in their work. Working a lot makes it even harder. What is your secret coping with stressful situations?

My first thought when I wake up is “I can do it”, so being a positive girl helps me a lot! We all have bad days, so my escape to get through the day it’s the music and sometimes I like to make fun of the situation. Laughing is and will always be, the best form of therapy!

You became very successful quickly but do you have an example you are following in the industry?

I always wanted to be myself, to be better and better and better. We all want to be something better than  we already we are. Right?  I appreciate  the chat host who is consequent,  respect the members, who knows how to smile and stay positive no matter what. And of course let’s not forget about the rules!

People talk more and more about new gadgets making it to the cam industry. Would VR for example be something that you would be able to use to make your performance better online?

I like to describe myself as an open minded person. If in the future V.R. would help me to improve my online performance, why not? In this industry it’s all about evolution, as a cam model you always have to improve yourself, to challenge yourself and I’m ready to do it! And honestly I think it would be more fun!