A small chat with Leo, Senior model & Studio Manager, from BongaCams

A small chat with Leo, Senior model & Studio Manager, from BongaCams


I want to start thanking you for accepting the interview. Would you like to introduce yourself and a bit about your background in the domain?

Thank you for having me. I will be glad to answer your questions. I’m Leo, one of the chief administrators at BongaCams.com. I take a direct role in the development of the project from the very beginning of its appearance on the market. I’m proud to say a lot of my blood, sweat and… maybe a tear or two, have gone into this wonderful project =)

BongaCams is a relatively new cam site, but became one of the most popular ones quickly. How it was to drop in an already oversaturated market, and what did it take to reach to the top?

Saturation is just another term for competition, so that was never a deterrent. There’s nothing healthier for the marketplace than a competitive environment, both for the consumer and content providers. This industry is naturally entrenched with technological advances. We knew that if we took to market an appealing product designed with all stakeholders’ interests in mind, people would get behind it. In this space, a better technology can knock anybody off their perch.

In 2016 at AW Awards Gala, BongaCash has won the award for being the “Best Affiliate Program”. Can you tell us more about the program and what makes yours different than others’?

BongaCash is the affiliate program behind the leading webcam site BongaCams.com. Our affiliates get only the best monetization solutions, from rewarding program options to high CTR promo materials. As a team of highly-qualified professionals, we understand how affiliate programs should work. Ensuring constant support, we help our affiliates earn more on a continuous basis. Indeed, there is more than one crucial thing separating us from other affiliate programs. First of all, we accept traffic from all over the world, Mobile and Web! Second and the most valued one is our PerSignup program, in which we pay up to $4.5 for every free signup and do not require credit card information or email confirmation. Certainly, more distinctive features of BongaCash exist, but the above-mentioned ones are already enough to make our affiliate program stand out from the rest!

At a first impression East European models prefer to work on Premium cam sites. In your opinion what is the reason behind this, and how would you tip the balance, so more models from this region would work on freemium sites?

There are definitely some cultural elements that come into play. Eastern Europe was obviously a big actor during the enactment of the industry, and most of the first cam sites operated through a membership subscription model. But times have changed, and a huge portion of the population has joined the world-wide- web ever since. The most significant benefit Models draw from freemium sites are bigger audiences. The exposure that traffic from freemium sites grants in comparison to that of premium sites is telling. This is how brands are built, through mass exposure. Moreover, the more people watching a show, the more opportunities to convert. It’s easier and faster to gather $1,000 from 1000 members than from a few. Nevertheless, premium sites still have a strong hold in the industry and are not less successful than freemium sites.

It is a common practice among models who work on premium cam sites, that they leave open a freemium one open, so when they are on private on the first site, they can still make some extra bucks on the latter. What do you think about this?

BongaCams has no problem with models who transition from premium to freemium sites in such way. In fact, we have several tools designed to accommodate said dynamic, such as allowing models to set themselves in “Private” on BongaCams when they enter a private show in the premium site. In doing so, if a member from BongaCams wants to peep into the ongoing private show, the model profits from the member entering “Voyeur” mode at a per minute rate. We go as far as recommending models the right software to accommodate this practice without sacrificing broadcast quality. Our desktop app, for example, consumes far less bandwidth than the site, which is pivotal in keeping quality high.

What makes your platform more attractive to work on, than other existing cam sites?

There’s a consensus behind how great our design is, models find it both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our placement matrix and tools such as the “first place button” give everyone a fair shot, and there’s great appreciation for that. We go great lengths to gather feedback from our performers to make improvements that enhance the bottom line and overall experience.

What significant updates and new projects can we expect from the BongaCams team?

BongaCams is blessed to have a creative team that keep us at the vanguard of tech developments while ensuring our UI remains user-friendly. As you mentioned earlier, BongaCams is relatively new. The world hasn’t seen anything yet.