A new perspective about social media by LiviaChoice

A new perspective about social media by LiviaChoice


I am LiviaChoice, a Webcam Model by choice, from Brazil. I have been camming for the last 6 years and I am very passionate about my job online. I also have a PhD in Communication & Semiotics (the science of studying the ways people understand and mentally organize social phenomena). Over the last 10 years I have been studying the impacts of Cyberculture in Post Modern Society in order to understand how interpersonal communication is established in the XXI Century.

Throughout this year, I have been traveling all over the world, going to summits and attending seminars as a panel speaker in which I discussed the following topics: “How to Maximize your International Reach” (WebmasterAccess, in Amsterdam, Holand), “Global Perspective of Cams” and “Expert Models Tips” (TheEuropeanSummit, in Prague, Czech Republic), “No to Social Bullying when you are an Adult Entertainment Model” (LALEXPO, in Cartagena, Colombia) and “How to be a Successful WebCam Model” (AWSummit, in Mamaia, Romania). Along the way, I was also awarded The Social Media Star of 2016 during the AWAwards, which is one of the most relevant and important events of the Live Cam Industry. Receiving that award actually inspired me to write this article, as a way of saying “thank you” for this significant moment in my career, for recognizing my hard job and for being able to share my knowledge about Camming, Social Media and Cyberculture studies with other Models and people in the Adult Camming Industry.

Why invest in Social Media?

Without getting too technical, I’d like to discuss a few points about sociability to explain why Social Media is so successful these days. Anthropological studies have shown that throughout the history of mankind, the good of the group, or collective good, pre-dates individuality. Sociability is not a coincidence or a simple trend, but in fact, the definition/purpose of human nature. As such, sociability leads to togetherness of the community, which helps links the individual to the collective.

Cyberculture is our contemporary stage of technological civilization, based on virtual technologies and Social Media to establish social relationships, which has come to a point where online interactions between two people arouse the same feelings and emotions as face-to-face meetings. If technology defines the society, then Social Media is the best tool to exercise social influence. It is important to keep in mind that society influences individuals through ideas, which in turn influence society, and it’s possible to exercise all that power online.

How does it work?

First, the online published character needs to be “created” (and fully defined), and in sequence, “validate” this identity (devise strategies to bring fame). My last four years of research show that all Social Media works through four values, which you can apply to your Social Media presence to become more successful:

1.) Visibility: quasi-value, related to the user simply creating an account;

2.) Popularity: easily measurable, value directly related to the audience – quantity, not quality of connections established;

3.) Reputation: how the audience judges the user content, it means: “me” + “the other side” + “the relationship between both of us”; and

4.) Authority: based on the power of influence.

Another relevant point to consider is the fragile relationship between publishers and followers, established without any intimacy or closeness, based on connections that can be easily broken. As such, there are no holidays or vacations with Social Media, which also requires frequent updates to keep followers stimulated and motivated to check out everything new.

How is it applied to the Live Cam Industry?

Live Cam Sites are online interaction platforms between models and members or, in other words, between people. The new customer is interested not only in looks, but without a doubt personality too. So the Live Cam Industry needs models that can be both sexy and sensual and at the same time be able to interact in a positive manner by being friendly, attentive and talkative.

Nowadays, customers are looking for a different kind of model. They’re no longer looking for just a “pornstar” type of girl, but more of a “girl next door” type, which indicates that members have a more personal relationship with online platforms. This is exactly why Social Media works so well: it’s an amazing tool to both attract new members and keep regular visitors interested in the same model (specifically, the person she is). Most members are not looking for a simple show without any connection with the model – they want to know more about the girl on their screen: What does she look like when she is not performing on cam? What does she like to do in her spare time? When is she going to come back online? Most of them are curious and want to know these answers!

In closing, I would like to conclude by saying that interactivity has become a requirement in contemporary times; now “to be” is synonymous with “to appear“, just as “to appear” has become synonymous with POWER. This demonstrates the concept that at the moment, life is only validated when passed through the lens of Social Media. In other words, the more visibility, popularity, reputation and online authority you have, the more your POWER of influence is REAL.

So, what are you waiting for…? Start investing in Social Media and become a Star!

Dr. Priscila Magossi (Communication Scientist PUC-SP/Brazil) aka LIVIACHOICE







  1. Even if camming it’s a demanding work and you have to be online as much as you can, you also have to be active on all social media platforms. I agree with Livia, the more popular you are online the more powerful and real you become to your followers and fans.