A bunch of turn offs that you should always avoid as a...

A bunch of turn offs that you should always avoid as a cam model!


People who fancy adult websites, are usually visiting them due to different reasons, but mainly they are looking for a nice time out, a nice chat or to fulfill their fantasies, etc. That’s why, as a model, you have to choose your words wisely which will make the difference between having a good retention of fans or losing them.

You should place an important focus on constantly improving your communication skills and try to avoid cliches or poor and cold statements, both, in free chat area and private one. Words are the best tool to getting under people’s skin, thus we would like give you some hints about the idioms you SHOULDN’T use while you are in an intimate moment with a member.

When a member comes to your free chat area, you should absolutely refrain yourself from mentioning the following sentences that turn off your members’ such as “come in private!” or “private, bb?!” or even” are you horny? I am horny!”. This kind of statements are definitely deal breakers, as they are irresponsibly used by many models and they can make visitors feel like they are a cash cow. Instead of using them, you should try to find mutual subjects which will increase guys’ interest in talking or spending time with you, ultimately leading to a new private session.

You should avoid pitching proposals for private sessions as well because you will create the impression that your only goal is earning money, not satisfying their needs. They are human beings trying to create a connection with you, thus you should never consider them some walking wallets or to give them such impression. Remember that most of them see you as a nice girl, a lovely companion, not a damn sex toy. Thus if you’d like to use erotic lines as invitations for a private chat, you should design them accordingly. Try to identify what kind of passions and expectations they have, by carefully reading the chat logs and then design your invitations to smoothly touch their requests.

It’s a well-known fact that most of you consider webcam modeling as the primary job. However, you should hesitate to talk about camming as a workplace, to mention your earnings and schedule in front of your audience. Such actions will determine your customer to think that you don’t perform as a hobby, but more like you try to make a living out of their weakness.

You shouldn’t by any means address to your members as clients because they won’t be able to establish any genuine bonds with you this way. Instead, you should try to speak to them as fans or friends and to show them that you are a real individual with real emotions.

If while you are in the free chat area a member asks for your name and your screen name sounds like “kinky-pink-muffin”, try to give him a plausible answer in an elegant and friendly way, without revealing your name. Another aspect that a model should keep in mind is how to deal with a situation when a member asks in free chat for some free services that will determine him to start a private session, such as: “show me your feet” or “ can you stand up, please?!”. In such case, your reaction should never be “ tip me, if you want something” or “come to private”. It`s rude and a big bummer for their mood, instead you should picture yourself as a seller and offer a short glimpse of their requests.

Try to create a normal and authentic connection with your visitors. When they get in a private session with you, try to refrain yourself from continuously asking them what would they fancy to see. Such questions are basically signs of not being personal with them and create the feeling of providing services without any pleasure. It is highly recommended to let them getting more comfortable, to allow them some time to ask questions while you prove to be a peachy, smiley, vivacious entertainer.

There might be circumstances when their requests may put you in an uncanny situation. However, instead of replying with “no”, which is another deal breaker, you should kindly explain to them why you are not able to satisfy that request but you can compensate with new ones, more pleasurable for both of you.

As we already mentioned before they are looking forward to creating connections which will definitely make them more curious about many aspects of your life. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to pay attention about what kind of information you share. For instance, telling them that you are in a relationship or even married, can ruin their fantasies and make them go away which is definitely not your goal. Also, sharing your reasons for being a webcam host isn’t necessary something that members want to hear. Most of the members are visiting these sites to relax, not for hearing the hosts complaining about their problems and how hard their life is.

Pay attention how you are showing affection to members especially when you are using sensitive words like “I love you”. Affection can bring you only benefits and customer satisfaction too, but you should never play with other people’s feelings as you might hurt them and obviously lose them. Try to avoid words like “tip me!” or “send tokens” which are implying in their mind that you are performing in front of the camera only for economic purposes, trying to cover your economic urges.