20 habits of a successful cam model by #girlsfromstudio20

20 habits of a successful cam model by #girlsfromstudio20


Hello, all you amazing cam girls and boys out there.
The #girlsfromstudio20 want to share the latest #20fromstudio20 with you guys.
So here we go, the 20 habits of a successful cam model

Start your day with a good mindset

It going to be a little difficult at first, but make a list and read it over and over again or better say fake it until you make it.
Wake up, go to the bathroom, look at your pretty face in the mirror and keep in mind that patience is a virtue.
Take long walks, have a pet, whatever helps you relax. Eat something you really like and if all those things won’t help you can always “tickle the muffin” in the shower.

Wake up early

Few people I know are morning people. Nobody likes to wake up in the morning. But think of it this way: starting your day early means you get to have more time to yourself, more time for camming, more time for your loved ones.

Interact with your guests

Most of the models don’t talk with guests but the thing is that in every domain there are the noobs. You must really not care if the audience from your room is either guests or members. Treat everyone the same. Even if they don’t come back they will remain with a pleasant memory.

Stay online

Do you want more traffic? Do you want more money? Well, you have to stay online and be constant. Having a strict schedule is a great way to eliminate procrastination and it helps you work smart.
Your members and guests will find you online and will know when they can catch you online.

Think of your job as a business and dare to set your goal high

Every job is serious, especially in the entertainment area. Think of yourself as an actress who’s playing the role of her life. Best actresses arrive early or on time on the set, they put makeup and give their best every day. Have a role model, it helps. Have a schedule and stick to it like in a normal job. Be very strict with yourself and always try to improve yourself. Setting up goals will give you the power and determination you need.

Keep your social media updated 

You might think that social media is something that only fools are obsessed with, but the truth is that even presidents use Twitter. Take selfies or make funny faces with Snapchat. Share as much content as you can and have a little fun in the process. In a few months, you will have a growing community and people will start to notice you.

Get creative with your online shows 

Make the shows based on your personality, not on the mood of the day! Do some research on the shows and online games, about topics and latest trends.

Invest in yourself

You should take some dance lessons, pole fitness, acting classes, buy as many outfits as you can – you can even use this habit as a therapy. Go to salons and spas, whatever helps to build your confidence. Confidence is a very important factor in adult entertainment.

Keep your room clean

Make sure any toys or props you might use on cam are nearby. Keep your things in place and stored. From time to time change the color of the walls and maybe even the furniture. If you work from a studio you can very easily change the room you broadcast from.

Protect your private information
This is a very important aspect and you should make it your first rule. You can say whatever you want, be whatever you want, but keep your true identity safe.

The playlist

There are certain songs we hear and immediately associate with a powerful memory because music can transport us like few other things can, and can make getting through difficult times just that much easier. Prepare more playlists for every situation. From sexy to rock ballads, from the 80’s greatest to most famous DJ. You choose and get wild!

Change the strategies

For those boring days when everything is not working right, go left. If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters – even more, if you’re in Japan. Before throwing the towel make sure that you did everything it was in your power to do and if still, the odds are against you, take the day off and enjoy a relaxing massage or something that will change your mood.
Don’t be superstitious, 13 is just another number

Forget the haters

Everywhere in the world, people will talk about you no matter what you do. This job is not an easy one but then again nothing really worth it is. So keep your head up, don’t listen to what anybody says. You know where you want to go. You know what you want to do.


No, for real: Read! Keep your head in the books, on interesting sites, find out what’s going on in the world, know stuff. The more you know the easier it will be for you to engage in a conversation.

Go to industry events

It might seem like a waste of time at first but after going to one or two events, people from the industry will start noticing you. And you will get to know a lot more about what happens in the cam world, meet the makers and grow your network.


OMG, this is so important. Talk to people, talk to cam models, to people from the industry, make your story known, ask questions and be interested in what they have to say.


People say that you have time to sleep when you’re dead but I’d rather be alive for a long time and not die from exhaustion. Sleep deprivation leads to depression, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes etc, all the things nobody has time for.
So just get your 6-8 hours of sleep/day.


Really. Fall in love. With yourself. Start to love yourself and you’ll be unstoppable.

Trim. Pluck. Wax

We have nothing against natural look as long as it’s decent. Remember the barber/ hair stylist/ cosmetician is your best friend.

Have fun

Laugh as much as you can, have fun, dance, talk to people. If you’re happy you’ll see this around you, you’ll attract happy people.
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Author: Andra Chirnogeanu PR Manager at Studio20